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ETC broke it all down for me so it was easy to understand how the NEIS program worked and helped make a smooth transition for me.

The course was very helpful to start up a micro-business, it also helps you to see if your business idea is viable.

It’s great to have the NEIS payment as back-up. I can make as much money as I want and still get the allowance.

My NEIS Mentor has taken the time to help me with getting a business loan and keeping on track with my business financial targets.

Client Testimonials

  • Want to Start Your Own Business

    Have you ever considered starting your own business?

    You don’t have to be the next Richard Branson to have your own business! But you do need to work hard to make it successful. In short, the challenges of owning your own business are unique and very different to being employed. To find out if being your own boss is suitable for you, ETC are running a program to give people the chance to explore opportunities to start their own business.

    Exploring Being My Own Boss

    This is a great a series of relevant workshops conducted over two weeks (25 hours per week) It’s even fully subsidised by the Australian Government.

    The program covers the following topics:

    • Getting the business started
    • Branding and design
    • Sales and marketing
    • Finance

    Find workshop dates:

    If after the workshops you’re keen to progress the idea, then why not discuss the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme with ETC?

    New Enterprise Incentive Scheme – NEIS

    Want to start your own business? We can support you!

    New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) helps eligible job seekers to start and run their own business.  Also, ETC provides the NEIS program in the NSW Mid North Coast and North Coast regions. For more information Contact Us OR complete the Enquire Now form.

     NEIS offers approved applicants:

    • Income support for up to 39 weeks (NEIS Allowance) and NEIS Rental Assistance for up to 26 weeks (if eligible)
    • Also, personalised mentoring and support in the first year of the new business to help a job seeker put their business idea into practice
    • Accredited small business management training (BSB30315 – Certificate III in Micro Business Operations)
    • Development of a business plan
    • And finally, development of a marketing strategy

    What are the Benefits of NEIS with ETC?

    • Firstly, support and guidance throughout the program
    • And access to experienced small business consultants
    • Thirdly, staff with local area knowledge, empathy, and understanding
    • Finally, networking opportunities

    How do I get started?

    To participate in NEIS you must be registered with a jobactive or Disability Employment Services provider. Of course, your provider can tell you if you are eligible.

    Also, you must:

    • be 18 years or older when you begin receiving NEIS Assistance
    • be available to participate in required training and work full-time in your proposed NEIS business
    • The applicant must not be an undischarged bankrupt
    • and not have received NEIS Assistance for a similar business activity
    • Also, haven’t received NEIS Assistance in the previous year

    Additionally, your NEIS business must:

    • not be currently operating on a commercial basis
    • independent and capable of withstanding public scrutiny
    • assessed as commercially viable by a NEIS provider
    • not be based on the purchase or takeover of an existing business
    • be established, located and operated solely within Australia

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