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It’s Friday afternoon – at the end of a very big week and it’s keynote time. I’m backstage, just about to face hundreds of people – and I thought I’d share with you some of the things that I do just before going onstage to face them!

1. Line up the body

First, I’m going to make sure the body is lined up. So as much as I want to cave (yes and even though I speak in front of hundreds of people each week, I still want to cave) it is not a time to cave, it’s time to stand up straight.

2. Free the breath

Second, I’m going to actually make sure that my breath is moving, so I make sure that I keep the diaphragm free and the air is coming out of the body.

Here’s what I do to make sure that air is coming out of the body:

  • lifting my cheeks to keep the throat open
  • opening my mouth
  • ‘Hi’, ‘Hi’, ‘Hi’.

3. Move the arms

Next, I’m going to keep my arms moving. I keep them extended off the body so that they’re not clamping down to my sides. I’m going to keep moving, back here behind the stage. I’m not just wandering aimlessly, but actually remembering where I’m going to go for my information (forward for the future, back for the past etc.) I use this time to make sure I’m feeling that in the body,

Prep summary

So to summarise, this is how I prepare – today and every day.

I’m moving my body. I’m moving my hands. I’m moving my air, and I’m keeping the instrument up straight, and initiating sound – all so I know that when I get on stage and I open my mouth, my voice is going to come out as I need it to.

Remember, ‘Voice is a Choice!’

Louise is a communication specialist and a proven performer in moving individuals and groups to take positive action through a unique perspective focusing on the unsung wisdom of voice. For more information please visit www.louisemahler.com.au

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