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job seeker Dannielle at her desk

Nothing brings us more satisfaction than to see one of our job seekers successfully enter the workforce.

Here is some advice from job seekers just like you. You can watch the video interviews here, otherwise there is a break down below.

  1. “My advice for anyone who wants to get a job or who has a Disability. Don’t let your Disability affect your life. Whatever you are wanting to do in life – go for that goal and don’t let anything stop you” – Lachie
  2. “It can be frustrating when you’re looking for work, but just meet your job search requirements and keep doing what you need to do. You’ll get there in the end,” – Chris
  3. “It’s actually a lot better than sitting at home doing nothing. Now when I have time off, I’m just sitting there thinking that I want to go back to work. Even if you don’t want to – just get a job because it is better in the long run” – Tyler
  4. “Be very enthusiastic and kind. Sometimes you do have to put on a little bit of a face, not fake it, but put that extra bit of effort in that you normally wouldn’t do” – Rainer
  5. “Get yourself out there, speak to everyone, smile and have a happy attitude” – Jammie
  6. “Everything is a learning curve. I’m such a confident person, but coming into an interview – everyone’s nerves go. The more you get into interviews, the better you’re going to get at it every time. So pushing myself towards it increased my confidence levels” – Dannielle
  7. “Think about what you’d really like to do for work and just take stepping stones towards achieving that” – Matthew
  8. “It is very difficult to keep your hopes up and keep them up. You do apply for a lot of jobs that you don’t get answers to. You put your hopes and dreams into one job and then that falls down. You do get down in the ground a bit… But in the same token, you just have to keep trying and keep plodding along” – Wendy




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