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Community Support Fund Guidelines 2019

The 2019 Community Support Fund has now closed.
If you would like to be notified when the next round opens please use the enquiry form.

The ETC Community Support Fund invites applications under announced funding rounds each year. In 2019, applications may be for up to $30,000 per project.

Most importantly, we look for projects that:

  • Meet the key objectives of the fund (listed below)
  • Align with ETC’s organisational focus on supporting employment and training outcomes
  • Help as many people as possible as much as possible.

We are interested in projects that might provide an opportunity for us to become involved – to help us achieve outcomes for our clients and our purpose as an organisation.

Objectives of the ETC Community Support Fund

The ETC Community Support Fund supports community projects, programs and activities which meet one or more of the following objectives:

  • Contribute to reducing disadvantage faced by the unemployed and/or other disadvantaged groups
  • Support the availability and/or sustainability of employment and training opportunities
  • Enhance community support services and/or build community capacity.


ETC seeks applications only from eligible applicants for eligible projects that meet funding parametersOnly one application per organisation per funding round is permitted.

Eligible Applicants:

Not for profit, non-government organisations are eligible to apply and may be either incorporated or unincorporated. Applicants must not be at risk of bankruptcy or insolvency and must be appropriately insured. Applicants (and projects) must be based in one of ETC’s regions of operation, as follows:

  • Mid North Coast NSW (Bulahdelah to Coffs Harbour)
  • North Coast NSW (Grafton to the Qld Border)
  • Gold Coast Qld (Coomera to the NSW Border)

ETC may request evidence of organisational status and/or financial viability as part of our assessment process. Insurance Certificates of Currency will be requested if a Funding Agreement is entered into.

Organisations which have previously received funding from the ETC Community Support Fund may apply again 2 years after their original application.

Applicants are asked to note important information regarding Funding Administration on P3 of these Guidelines.

Eligible Projects:

Projects must be aligned to one or more of the above ETC Community Support Fund Objectives and should align with ETC’s organisational focus on supporting employment and training outcomes. Projects must benefit a group of people – applications benefiting only one person will not be considered – and take place in one of the ETC regions as listed above. Except in special circumstances and as agreed by ETC, projects should be completed within 12 months of commencement.

Funding Parameters:

ETC funding requested must be $30,000 or less. Projects should demonstrate that they do not duplicate other funding and will not require recurrent ETC funding.

Projects must include a cash and/or in-kind contribution by the applicant organisation (which may be via funding received from another source).

Project management costs are to be met by the applicant, and not form part of the funding request. In addition, salaries for existing staff and other ongoing operational costs or overheads will not be funded.

Projects should not be predominantly for the engagement of consultants, trainers/facilitators or other experts.

Assessment Criteria

As we receive many more applications than we can fund, ETC selects the most suitable projects using a set of assessment criteria. We assess the suitability and capability of the organisation to deliver on their proposed project, and consider aspects of each proposed project such as the need it meets, the depth and breadth of the benefit it brings, how effectively our funding will be used, and how practical and achievable it is.


Eligible organisations applying to the ETC Community Support Fund will be assessed using the following criteria. We will use information provided in the application form to determine the extent to which:

  • The organisation has the capacity, expertise and capability to manage and deliver their proposed project
  • The organisation is community focussed and reputable within the community
  • The organisation is reliable in the context of managing funds and/or in other activities requiring the trust of stakeholders.


We will use information provided in the application form to assess each proposed project against the following criteria:

  • Strength of the project’s alignment to one or more ETC Community Support Fund Objectives and ETC’s organisational focus on supporting employment and training outcomes
  • Whether the project provides an opportunity for ETC to be involved to mutually support organisational outcomes and achievement of purpose
  • The extent to which a real need in the community is demonstrated
  • The extent to which outcomes are measurable
  • The extent to which the project has been well planned and has a clear line of sight to stated outputs and outcomes, as demonstrated by a clear project methodology
  • The extent to which risks have been assessed and mitigation measures planned
  • Whether use of ETC funds is clearly defined, realistic and meets the above funding parameters, as demonstrated in a detailed budget
  • Whether the project demonstrates future sustainability without the need for recurrent ETC funding
  • Whether project funds do not duplicate other funding
  • Whether the project provides an opportunity to help ETC publicise our support to community.

Things We Cannot Fund

The following activities cannot be funded under the ETC Community Support Fund:

  • Projects benefiting a sole individual
  • Projects with a for-profit or commercial outcome
  • Ongoing operational or administration expenses (e.g. rent, rates, insurance, utilities, existing or ongoing staff salaries)
  • Project management costs
  • Sponsorships
  • Projects focussing solely on events or festivals
  • Projects focussing solely on production of marketing and promotional materials
  • Recurrent funding
  • Endowment funds
  • Research for undergraduate or post graduate studies
  • Applications on behalf of another organisation
  • Donations
  • Overseas travel.

Applying for Funding

All applications must be submitted on the online application form – which will be available when the funding round begins.

Funding Administration

Accepting the Funding

Successful applicants will be advised by email of their approved funding amount. They will be requested to confirm acceptance of the funding via email.

Deed of Agreement

Applicants who accept the funding offer will be required to enter into a Deed of Agreement with ETC which will set out the terms and conditions of the funding. A template of the Deed of Agreement is available for download here. Funding recipients will also be asked to provide certificates of currency for workers compensation and public liability insurances, and a valid tax invoice.

Payments and Reporting

Fund payments will be made in two instalments:

  • Instalment 1 – 75% of total funding, payable within 14 days of execution of the Deed of Agreement
  • Instalment 2 – 25% of total funding, payable at the conclusion of the project on receipt of a satisfactory Project Completion Report and acquittal of funding expenditure against budget.


Successful applicants will be contacted by ETC to arrange media releases and photo opportunities relating to the successful funding.



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