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A not-for-profit organisation, Enterprise & Training Company Limited (ETC) enjoys giving back to the communities where we operate.  One of the ways we do this is through the ETC Community Support Fund. Since 2012, the ETC Community Support Fund has provided over $1 Million to worthwhile community organisations.

We have supported young people, people with a disability, migrants and refugees, the long-term unemployed, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and the broader community. Recipient organisations have used ETC funding to purchase infrastructure, equipment, resources, information technology and materials; develop publications, kits and information; develop and deliver support services and programs, establish social enterprises; and achieve special projects.

The ETC Community Support Fund supports ETC’s vision to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives, and our mission to empower customers to grow through personalised service. We fund projects which help as many people as possible as much as possible, which can align with ETC’s focus on employment and training, and which meet one or more of our funding objectives:

  • Contribute to reducing disadvantage faced by the unemployed and/or other disadvantaged groups
  • Support the availability and/or sustainability of employment and training opportunities
  • Enhance community support services and/or build community capacity

ETC looks for projects that include funding or in-kind contributions from other sources and that will not require recurrent ETC funding. We are interested in projects that might provide an opportunity for ETC to become involved; to help us achieve outcomes for our clients and our purpose as an organisation.



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