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Organisational Values


Provider of choice delivering positive social change in our communities.



We are committed to empowering people through employment, business growth and skills development.



Shared Values

Respect: To listen, appreciate and recognise all people.

Integrity: To be honest, ethical and fair.

Success: To build a sustainable organisation through service excellence.

Empowerment: To inspire and enable people to make a positive difference in our communities.


ETC Company Objectives

The objects of the Company are:

1. To help alleviate poverty, helplessness and misfortune suffered by unemployed people by helping them find jobs, equipping them to be suitable for those jobs through skills development, coaching and mentoring and supporting them to stay in work.

2. To help the unemployed overcome any barriers to employment by providing them with a range of support services such as case management, counselling, training and facilitated access to specialist assistance.

3. To identify opportunities to work with other organisations to deliver projects, programs and services for the benefit or well-being of unemployed people and/or disadvantaged groups.

4. To share and promote information about different services available to assist the unemployed and/or disadvantage groups and employed workers.

5. To help build the capacity of the communities in which ETC operates through a range of community programs, projects and partnerships.



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