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Our story in brief: In 1989, ETC was founded in Coffs Harbour to tackle high unemployment. Today, we’ve expanded from Bundaberg (QLD) in the North to Newcastle (NSW) in the South and Tamworth (NSW) in the West, remaining dedicated to our mission of enriching lives and communities. We do this by helping job seekers find work, upskilling individuals, and aiding entrepreneurs.

Our future Vision: We are excited to share our Strategic Plan for 2024-2027, a result of months of collaboration, input, and strategic thinking. This plan reaffirms our commitment to becoming leaders in employment, training, and community development.

Here’s how we plan to make this vision a reality:

1. Connected Communities: We strive to build meaningful connections across diverse communities. Through advocacy, collaboration, and a deep understanding of local needs, we aim to foster trust and engagement.

2. Sustainability & Innovation: ETC is dedicated to sustainability on multiple fronts. We plan to harness technology, implement financial initiatives, and champion environmental responsibility. Innovation will be at the heart of our services, ensuring we remain adaptable and relevant in a changing landscape.

3. Loyal Partnerships: We seek more than mere transactions; we aim for enduring partnerships. By connecting our staff, clients, and employers in a collaborative ecosystem, we plan to create lasting value.

4. Our People: At ETC, our people are our heartbeat. Their dedication fuels our success and service to the community. Our core values—Respect, Integrity, Success, and Empowerment—guide us as we pursue our strategic priorities.

In summary, ETC’s Strategic Plan reflects our unwavering commitment to a future where employment and training services empower individuals and transform communities. We invite you to join us on this journey.



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