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Not a car or even a motorbike crash was going to stop committed 21-year-old Kayleb from his Roof Plumbing Apprenticeship.

After he left high school, Kayleb was keen to get into the workforce but needed some help. So he registered with Centrelink, who then linked him to ETC for support.

ETC’s Transition to Work (TtW) Youth Advisor’s Jess and Simone started working with Kayleb and booked him into employability workshops to help build his confidence, motivation and job search skills.

These new tools helped him determine what type of jobs he was interested in and gave him the confidence to speak with employers and start applying for these jobs himself.

Kayleb then bought his first car which gave him the means to get out and about, to search for the types of job he wanted. Unfortunately, this was short-lived, as he had a crash and wrote off his new car.

Despite this, he was determined and didn’t let this hold him back. He picked himself up and kept looking for work.

“Kayleb has shown such resilience throughout this time and remained so positive. He was even telling us that everything would be ok, that he could get through it, and that this was just a bump in the road”, said Jess and Simone.

His determination paid off when a week later he was offered a trial with Metal Line Roofing in Coffs Harbour. This ended up turning into a full time Roof Plumbing Apprenticeship.


I love what I do, and what it has done for me as a person. It has changed my life!Kayleb

Saving up his pay, Kayleb was able to then buy himself a motorbike, and get to work without relying on his family.

Unfortunately, this was short-lived as well, when he had a motorbike accident – which left him with an injured wrist, and on restricted duties for six weeks.

The employer was very patient, as they saw a lot of potential in Kayleb. They allowed him to do light duties during the six weeks, and whilst also completing his studies in the meantime.

TtW Business Relationship Advisor Kylie said, “Every time I speak with Janene at Metal Line for post-placement support, she has nothing but praise for Kayleb, and can only speak highly of him.”

“I can see a very bright future for this young man within our company”, said Janene.

Kayleb thanked ETC for their help.

“I would never have got to where I am now if ETC hadn’t supported me to find a job”, said Kayleb.

“Before gaining employment, I was immature and hadn’t quite grown up yet. But after starting work, I can see that I have matured. I have even moved into my own apartment and bought my dream car and motorbike”.


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