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Creative artists Russell and Helene

Gosford based artists Russell Way and Helene Rosanove will be keynote speakers at the upcoming Creative Industries Forum – The Business of Being Creative to be held at the Slim Dusty Centre in Kempsey on 24 May.

Event organiser and ETC Business Advisor Marilyn Breen said the inaugural forum The Business of Being Creative was designed to help people turn their creative endeavours into a profitable business.

“We are delighted to have Russell and Helene from Art Tank travel to our region to share their experience and expertise with us about setting up a successful art-based business,” Ms Breen said.

“Mr Way and Ms Rosanove are both accomplished artists in their own right, as well as life partners who together created Art Tank as a platform to bring communities together through the experience of art.”

Under this banner the duo has completed many public and community art projects winning the Central Coast Community Congress award 2013 with Russell and Helene individually nominated for the citizen of the year 2015 award.

According to Russell it was hard enough to make money out of art but it’s every artist’s nightmare to make art into a business.

“For years we flew under the radar as artists and then one day we gave ourselves the name ‘ART TANK’,” Mr Way said.

“All of a sudden businesses started talking to us. We found that by joining the language of business we were stunned at the amount of doors that opened.”

Mr Way and Ms Rosanove will share their story of how they have juggled marriage and raising three young daughters, their own artistic practices and creating their highly successful business which now runs workshops, sells DIY kits and operates both an online store and mobile studio.

“Honestly, we are not going to be able to tell other artists anything that they don’t already know when it comes to surviving in this world,” Mr Way said.

“We are excited by the idea of getting up and talking in a forum to other creatives about not being alone in this unchartered journey, sharing our successes and exposing our failures in the business of finding money in art.”

The Business of Being Creative forum is designed to help people turn their creative endeavours into a profitable business.

This event will run on Tuesday 24 May at the Slim Dustry Centre in Kempsey from 9am to 6pm. Early bird tickets only cost $69!

To find out more information visit: www.etcltd.com.au/creativeindustriesforum or contact Marilyn Breen, ETC Business Advisor, Kempsey on 0417 201 794 or Kevin Riddell, Business Programs Manager in Coffs Harbour on 0408 128 496.



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