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Becoming successful can be achieved in any area of your life: financial, health and wellbeing, relationships or work. Everything you need to succeed is within you. Unfortunately, because we often give into fear or don’t understand what we are capable of, most people will limit themselves and their success in life.

No matter how much potential a person has, it can remain dormant if not managed correctly and properly nourished with the right ingredients. Relying on yesterday’s ideas, products and assumptions can spell failure and be a detriment.

Potential needs to be challenged and surrounding it with other high-potential people can only make it stronger. In the process, we become wiser and develop a mindset that is not afraid to take chances and experience the lessons of failure.

Some tips to help you become successful and unleash that potential within:

  • Identify practices that help promote creative thinking and innovation
  • Focus on results vs. focusing on good process
  • Maximize the connection between courage and creative thinking
  • Develop and leverage from your own creative strengths
  • Produce, evaluate and select new ideas: models for analysing options
  • Real-world practice: opportunity spotting/solution generating
  • Be on the lookout for activities that come easy to you but are hard for others
  • Remember to trust your gut feeling


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