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It’s often said that a business that doesn’t undertake regular strategic and business planning, actually plans to fail.

I can’t emphasise enough the importance of planning so you know where your business is heading, how to get there, how to overcome any obstacles along the way and how to recognise when you have reached your goals.

Many small businesses don’t bother writing a business plan because they feel that they know the general gist of their own business and they just want to get on with it.

But what if it didn’t have to be that complicated?

What if you could have a simple one page business plan?

The beauty of having a simple one page business plan is that it’s less likely to be filed away, and has greater chance of becoming part of your day to day life.

A key component to include in your business plan is a list of your business goals.

Goals can and should change as new business opportunities arise and your business plan needs to be updated as these occur.

One local Coffs Harbour business owner that recognises the value and importance of business planning is Emma Rhoades from Emma Rhoades Photography.

“My ideas are constantly changing so being able to update a one page document is really handy instead of an 80 page document,” Ms Rhoades said.

“I’m continually referring back to my business plan to seek clarification on where my business is heading.

“ETC’s business planning workshop was really worthwhile, particularly the sharing of ideas among other business owners in the group about what to include in your business plan.”



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