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We met with Bronwyn Quirk, HR Coordinator for Bindaree Food Group on the Gold Coast to gain some insight to help other business professionals.

You can watch the video interview here, otherwise there is a breakdown below.


Bronwyn, tell us a bit about yourself

I started working with Bindaree Food Group in June this year, when Bindaree first came to Burleigh Heads. I had worked at this facility with the previous tenants who were also involved in meat processing. I have two children and my husband Nathan is also employed by Bindaree. Nathan was one of the first recruits for the new facility.

How do you build a positive work culture?

  • Focussing on our behaviours and values – identifying these and ensuring everyone is clear on how we want to work and what is important to us
  • Maintaining our standards
  • Clear communication across the workforce
  • Staff training
  • Culture will never stand still – this is something all leaders, managers and employees need to consider and take time to nurture each day

How do you gain inspiration and knowledge to grow your business?

  • Working with a team of like-minded and driven professionals who want to succeed in achieving short, medium and longer term goals.
  • Our Company is constantly reviewing and analysing what is happening in the market to identify new opportunities. We also take on board the input from our Sales, Research & Development, Technical, Operations and Maintenance teams – each department is responsible for ensuring continuous improvement outcomes are delivered.
  • We strive for quality and sustainability whilst looking after our workforce.

How do you manage Work/Life Balance?

  • At the moment, maintaining a balance is challenging – this is not uncommon when you have a new project / start-up scenario.
  • Set priorities and maintain a focus on what needs to be done each day – working with to-do-lists, establishing clear systems and processes, ensuring that you and your staff understand what your accountabilities and responsibilities are.

Fantastic, thanks for your time Bronwyn!

Stay tuned for the next edition of ETC’s Business Spotlight.



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