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Learn about ETC’s heartfelt crusade to uplift a local community with funding support through Community Quest

ETC recently celebrated its 35th birthday by unveiling an exciting new initiative called Community Quest!

This endeavor brought together ETC’s Leadership Team to support five local community organisations in Coffs Harbour with over $8,000 worth of much-needed supplies through a company-initiated team-building activity.

At ETC, community engagement isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a core value that drives meaningful impact.

Five organisations, one mission

The idea for Community Quest sprouted in preparation for ETC’s annual Leadership Conference.

Now in its 10th year, the ETC Leadership Conference serves as a platform for ETC’s managers to collaborate, strengthen relationships, and reflect on their shared mission. This year, the focus was on giving back to the community that has supported ETC for over three decades.

Next, their event planning committee reached out to local community organisations in Coffs Harbour, eager to lend a helping hand.

Five community organisations responded, each sharing their unique needs. ETC decided to support them all!

Introducing the five deserving recipients:

  1. Coffs Harbour Neighbourhood Centre (CHNC)
  2. Groundworks
  3. LifeHouse Care
  4. Pete’s Place
  5. The St Vincent de Paul Society

Watch ETC’s Community Quest funding support journey

From mud brick huts to community impact

Armed with briefs tailored to each community group’s requirements, the Leadership Team split into five teams.

Their mission? To purchase essential supplies and provide hands-on assistance. The clock was ticking—a three-hour timeframe awaited them.

Starting from The Mud Brick Huts in Coffs Harbour (which housed ETC’s first office 35 years ago), the teams set out.

Their shopping lists included food, emergency backpacks, winter clothes, hygiene packs, bedding, and swags. But it wasn’t just about shopping; they assembled furniture, filled pantries, and created care packages.

The five community organisations said that they greatly appreciated the support from ETC.

“The ETC staff were so energised and threw themselves into the tasks with such speed and dexterity, they left us breathless!  I am delighted to share their work on the packs with the community we see in Coffs Harbour doing it tough,” said Yvonne Wynen from The St Vincent de Paul Society.

ETC’s ongoing commitment: Making a positive impact on peoples lives

ETC’s CEO, Damon Munt, emphasised the vision behind Community Quest.

“At ETC, we’re dedicated to authentic community engagement. Beyond our products or services, we strive to build meaningful connections that resonate with diverse communities.”

“By actively participating in community initiatives and supporting local causes, we create shared values and leave a lasting, positive impact.”

We are in community, with community, for community,” Mr Munt said.

As the sun set on this year’s Leadership Conference, the managers returned to their teams across 43 sites energised, knowing that their efforts have made a tangible difference.

In the end, it wasn’t just about supplies; it was about compassion, teamwork, and shared values.

Community Quest exemplifies our unwavering dedication to creating a better world, one community at a time.

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