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Six Local Councils are supporting the Creative Industries Forum – The Business of Being Creative in Kempsey on 24 May.

A representative from each of the six Councils will be involved in a panel discussion which will give forum participants the chance to ask questions and find out more about how they are supported by local government.

Port Macquarie Hasting Council’s Group Manager – Community Place, Lucilla Marshall

“It is very important that we do what we can to showcase the diverse creative talent within the region; for our local creative industry development and to enhance cultural tourism. The Port Macquarie Hastings Region has many very talented creative people with all of our towns and villages with a tremendous number of opportunities including galleries, public art and murals that brighten our spaces and add to our sense of place,” Ms Marshall said.

Greater Taree City Council’s Senior Leader Cultural Services, Margie Kirkness

“Greater Taree City Council sees creative communities as an extension of what we do well. Creative communities are the heart of our community’s future. Creativity is our common language and allows us to recognise our strengths and build on our diversity. We are proud of our Manning Entertainment Centre, our Regional Gallery and the diversity across our libraries who would not exist without the dedication of a community of volunteers, artists, musicians and performers with whom we work side by side to make sure we deliver the best experience for our communities,” Ms Kirkness said.

Bellingen Shire Council’s Manager of Economic and Business Development, Michael Grieve

“Council recognises the creative industries as a very important sector of our local and regional economy. Bellingen Shire is renowned for its unique calendar of events and festivals that are held throughout the year. These event define our cultural diversity and showcase our creativity as a community. We have a significant percentage of residents and businesses that are engaged in the creative industries,” Mr Grieve said.

Coffs Harbour City Council’s Group Leader, Community & Cultural Services Sian Nivison

“Coffs Harbour City Council (CHCC) is proud to be a sponsor of the Creative Industries Forum 2016. In 2013 Council adopted a cultural plan which, together with the Cultural Policy 2013 – 2016, is committed to developing the diverse cultural life of the Coffs Harbour region. CHCC is very aware that the designers, potters, filmmakers, dancers, journalists, artists and others employed in creative industries in our region contribute hugely both to the economy and the cultural vibrancy of the whole community. Their imagination, commitment and success benefit us all and deserves support,” Ms Nivison said.

Kempsey Shire Mayor Liz Campbell

“The Macleay Valley is proud to host the 2016 Creative Industries Forum in the Slim Dusty Centre. The new Centre is a fitting venue to foster the growth of artistic and creative industry on the Mid North Coast. This forum showcases some of the inspirational people who contribute to the creative industries sector in our region. It shows that when you take a vision and creative talent together with dedication and hard work, it can lead to developing a successful business enterprise,” said Cr Campbell.

Nambucca Valley Shire Council’s Manager of Business Development Wayne Lowe

“It is very important for local industry development and tourism that we do what we can to showcase the diverse creative talent within the region. The Nambucca Valley has countless very talented creative people with all of our towns and villages having unique museums, galleries, public art and murals that brighten our lives as we enjoy our recreational time as locals. The creative industry sector has the ability to add value to many other businesses through design so it is important that we encourage the creativity with innovative thinking to build the future of this unique region throughout all industry sectors of the community,” Mr Lowe said.

The Member for Oxley, Melinda Pavey MP

“Sometimes, I think we Australians can tend to default to our modest, conservative nature; when really we do have the scope and ability to open-up and un-leash our inner creativity and spirit. This forum is a terrific opportunity for that to occur and I’ll be doing my best to encourage it,” Melinda said.

This event will run on Tuesday 24 May at the Slim Dusty Centre in Kempsey from 9am to 6pm.

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