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Helping you maintain work with an injury, illness or disability

If you’re at risk of losing your job because you’re ill, injured or have a disability, ETC can provide you with assistance.

ETC can help you with:

  • advice about re-designing your job so you can keep working
  • having your workplace assessed for possible changes so it’s easier for you to work
  • having your workplace changed so you can continue to work
  • specialised equipment to help you do your job

You don’t need to be receiving a payment from Centrelink to access this service.

Call us for advice on the steps to take to remain employed.

We work with you and your employer to ensure a positive outcome for everyone.

If you feel you need work assistance, we can assist you by speaking to your employer about different options available to help keep you working.

To be eligible to receive this assistance:

  • you need to have worked an average of at least 8 hours a week over the last 13 weeks, and
  • not already be getting assistance from a DES provider

Call us today on 1800 007 400 or complete the form on this page so we can assist you to continue working.



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