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We’re here to help you build a meaningful career that supports your injury, illness or disability. Looking for work when living with an injury, illness or disability can start to feel overwhelming, especially if the search is taking longer than expected.

That’s why working with a specialist and local employment provider is a smart move. Regardless of where you are on your employment pathway, ETC is here to support you! Our kind, supportive and non-judgemental team will get to know you, talk to you about your interests, strengths, goals and areas that perhaps you can improve on. Together we’ll work on a job plan that sets out how you are going to achieve your goals.

Getting to know you

We start by getting to know you through one-on-one meetings and through the use of science based assessment tools which help us identify your skills and work readiness. We take the time to understand your individual circumstances. At the end of this process we work together to develop a job plan, designed specifically for you, which outlines the steps to take to get you working.

Developing your job seeking skill set

As part of ETC’s Job Skills Training, we will polish your existing job skills to ensure you receive every opportunity to get a job that supports your, injury, illness, or disability. You may not have applied for a job for some time or just need to update your resume. We can help you with:

  • Training for a new career path that supports your injury, illness, or disability
  • Resume writing
  • Job application preparation
  • Interview skills and techniques
  • Identifying jobs that suit you

Identifying your goals and available options

Based on your goals and your job plan, there are a number of options available to help you secure meaningful employment.  These include:

  • Undertaking work experience
  • Participating in a work trial or pre-employment training program, enabling you to “taste test” different industries and showcase your skills to prospective employers
  • Re-train by completing a nationally recognised qualification in a specific industry
  • Matching your skills with job availability

Keeping you working

After securing a job, we will continue to support you. We will also develop a support plan which will set out how and when we will contact you. In addition, with your permission, we can set up face-to-face meetings between ETC, yourself and your employer to help you succeed and remain in work.

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