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right mindset to get a job

Securing a job isn’t easy, especially with life’s obstacles thrown in. Your attitude makes a difference.

Many unemployed people will claim that they have things going on in their lives that are preventing them from finding work, however it’s how you deal with these obstacles and the attitude you have towards finding work that will ultimately determine how successful you are in securing a job.

18-year-old Sarra Gallagher is a perfect example of how having the right attitude can make the world of difference.

“I left Year 12 halfway through the year (in 2016) and also left the job I was doing at the Discount Station in Nerang at the end of 2016 because I wasn’t getting along with the new manager there,” Sarra said.

“I am always positive about things but I was finding it hard to get another job or get into study as we had no transport at home and I was also dealing with insomnia and not being able to get good night sleep.

“It was really hard to be able to start a course or a new job when I was just tired through the day most days. And with Dad being in and out of work and not being able to get registration for the car, not having that car there for Dad to drop me made it really hard.”


Sarra signed up for ETC’s Transition to Work program in January 2017 because she wanted some assistance in finding a job so she could contribute to her single parent family.

According to Sarra’s Youth Advisor, it was her attitude that set her apart.

“Sarra started attending some of our internal workshops such as ‘Visualise’, where she worked on developing clearer goals and addressing employability skills. She also attended a ‘Discovery Day’ where she was exposed to different working environments,” Adam said.


Transition to work workshops

Transition to Work Workshops


“Around this time, Sarra was getting close to turning 18 so we organised assisting her financially so that she could complete her Responsible Service of Alcohol and Responsible Conduct of Gambling qualifications. In true Sarra form, she completed both these certificates in the one day and was very prompt in updating her resume to reflect her newly gained qualifications.

“After gaining these new qualifications and skills Sarra was booked in to do a ‘Meet the Marketer’ session with our Business Relationship Advisor. These are a great opportunity for our marketer to assist our clients with reverse marketing. Sarra did two of these sessions and it was at the second session that Sarra was offered employment with 2Scale Cabinets on the Gold Coast as an Apprentice Cabinet Maker.”


Sarra at her job with 2 Scale Cabinets

Sarra has now been employed in this position for four months, has successfully gained her forklift licence and says she is loving every day in her new job.

“I am no longer feeling worried about things and am getting to sleep by like 8 every night for my early starts at work. I have bought my own car, which I am like super stoked about! I am booked in to do my P’s this week but at least having my car, Dad has been able to drop me at work and pick me up,” Sarra said.

“I also have some goals now for the future that I hadn’t thought about much before. I can’t wait to pay off my car, hopefully go to Canada with my boyfriend and also I want to learn to be a carpenter after I finish this apprenticeship so I am as skilled as possible.

“Another thing is that I can now totally save money and have learned how to budget for all my bills and things. I also feel I have learned how to manage my time better for the week and I feel good that I’m doing something fun in my days now and learning many new skills and things. Another awesome thing is that I’ve been able to do repairs around the house now too, hahaha, I love that I can do this and feel so much more independent now.”


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