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Do you spring out of bed each morning excited for your working day? Or do you keep hitting the snooze button until you’ve run out of time? Do you enjoy talking about your working week with your partner and friends, or avoid bringing the topic up knowing that it will only worsen your mood?

Which would you rather feel? Honestly, don’t you envy, just a little, the people that actually love what they do and look forward to each day? For them, work isn’t drudgery – it’s fun!

Did you know that companies with happy workers have 43% more productivity, 125% less burnout and 51% lower turnover!

Whether you’re “the boss”, an employee or self-employed, there are ways that you can make your workplace more fun. Here are some tips which should help make going to work more enjoyable:

  • Have a “mufti” day – casual Friday
  • Bring in photos or memorabilia to sit at your workstation
  • Listen to radio – have a sing-along
  • Learn to relax – don’t take things to seriously or personally
  • Encourage staff to bring their kids to work for an hour in the mornings or afternoons
  • Run internal competitions –staff baby guessing competition, or do the same on your Facebook page with your clients
  • Go on a lunch date with a friend once a week – make yourself take that lunch break!
  • Switch off once you leave work

So the next time you hit the snooze button, think about what fun things you can implement in your working week.



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