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ETC Business Relationship Manager Andrew Goodchild presenting the award to Dale Steedman, also pictured are some of the DBS Medical Supplies staff in their warehouse at the Arts & Industrial estate

Byron Bay owned and operated DBS Medical Supplies has been announced as the ETC Employer of the Month.

The podiatry and footcare product supply business began in 1995 and has since grown from being a sole trader to now employing 10 staff.

“The idea for the business came about when I lived in Sydney and a friend of mine (who was a podiatrist) was having difficulty finding supplies. So we developed a partnership and that’s when DBS was born,” said DBS Managing Director Dale Steedman.

Six years later DBS moved up to the Northern Rivers and set-up a warehouse in the Arts & Industrial Estate of Byron Bay.

“Initially it was too much space for us to comprehend, but didn’t take long to fill it up. Eventually we moved into an even larger premises and we have another shed nearby to help with our overflow,” said Mr Steedman.

The business has seen steady growth over the years which enabled additional staff to be hired to help with customer service, invoicing, quotes and warehousing.

“We have a great team. Our warehouse manager has got the place running really well, our invoice lady is an expert on every single product as well as our customer service guys, and then we have the great warehouse staff downstairs,” said Mr Steedman.

“It’s like a family environment here. We’ve all known each other for quite some time – four staff have been with us for 10+ years. When we started all of our staff lived close by, whereas now everyone has grown with the business, got married, bought houses etc and are stretched out from Gold Coast to Lismore. So we’ve seen kids grow up etc.”

When looking for staff Mr Steedman found it beneficial to use an employment service provider to assist in finding candidates suitable for the job.

“We found that ETC have been able to screen candidates in line with our requirements and then they provide us with a shortlist to interview. We’re really happy with the staff we have employed through ETC,” he said.

DBS Medical Supplies specialise in podiatry and footcare products and provide goods to podiatrists, hospitals, medical centres, nursing homes and Allied Health professionals. To find out more visit www.dbsmedical.com.au

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