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James at Mindful Foods receiving his award

Mindful Foods, located in the Byron Bay Shire, has been awarded as the ETC Employer of the Month.

In just five years, business partners Georgie and James have grown from humble beginnings to now employing over 12 local staff.

James attributed their success to lots of hard work, persistence and passion, but mainly due to the local Byron Shire community.

“In our case, we never had the capital in the first place to invest in our business. So we couldn’t rely on big distribution companies to help get our products out there. We partnered with other small businesses in the area and we are all helping each other,” he said.

“We are really grateful for the local climate which is very supportive of small businesses. It’s a really opportune place for businesses to start up.”

James and Georgie pride themselves in creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

“We care about what people eat and how it gets to their plate. I think you see a lot of ill health in the world as a result of crappy food and we want to change that,” James said.

Mindful Foods packing and dispatch worker Zoey Smith commended James and Georgie on receiving the Employer of the Month award.

“It’s awesome working here, it’s like a family and we all work really well together. We’re all included as part of the business, which is really nice,” Zoey said.

“It’s also great to know that the things we’re packaging are compostable and recyclable.”

James said an important part of business was building relationships with people and other likeminded businesses.

“Fortunately we have an exceptional relationship with Danielle who works with ETC. Not only has ETC given us many exceptional candidates / employees, but they have shown us how to conduct business. I really appreciate that kind of leadership”

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