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Hey Martin!


Tell us, who has been your most influential business role model?

I’ve been fortunate to have a great mix of industry leading mentors across both my Real Estate career and NSW Ambulance career. Without a doubt having access to John McGrath has allowed me to develop further my business acumen and leadership skills. John has this innate ability to take you to the next level with every meeting or chat. His story and road to success is inspirational and he is committed to unlocking potential, and motivating individuals. Outside of the industry I have a small group of trusted and inspirational business owners that are great for bouncing ideas off.

What are the biggest lessons you have learnt in business?
  • Remove the mask and be the real you. Some people will like you, some people won’t, that’s life and you can’t let that affect your true self.
  • In today’s social media environment where ‘friends’ are how some people judge your success, I rely on a core group of friends behind the scenes that can be relied upon, and are always there to encourage, and support.
  • Think Bigger….what’s stopping you doubling your business in 12 months? Only you. Opportunity is everywhere – waiting for the intuitive and driven to embrace it. You’re either in business to grow, nurture and deliver, or you’re just there to exist. The second isn’t an option in my book.
  • John has a great saying “What got you here, won’t get you there”. It is crazy to think that if you continue to do the same thing over and over you will see a better result. In today’s fast paced business landscape you need to be innovative, changeable, and always thinking two steps ahead. 
  • The biggest distraction (read productivity killer) is email. Switch off the pop up alerts, and the ‘dings’ and take back control of your day. I check emails around 6 in the morning, and again mid-afternoon. If it’s urgent it needs to be an SMS or call to catch me.
  • Be humble, genuine, and generous with your success and your time.
Where do you gain inspiration and knowledge to grow and improve your business?

My team give me inspiration on a daily basis. They are so passionate about what they do that nothing is a problem to them. Receiving numerous “thank you” emails a week about our teams gives me a sense of pride in them. I have a strict daily routine that sets me free to run two offices, manage 15 staff, list and sell homes and fit in family time. Every time I’m in the car if I’m not on the phone I’ll be listening to a podcast. Technology today gives us a university on wheels!

How do you manage work/life balance?

As mentioned what gives me free time is structure and I adhere to a detailed “ideal week” and I will plan the following day before I leave the office. Out of the office and heading home at 6pm. It isn’t an easy career and Saturday is the biggest day of our week so Sunday is family day. Remembering that work or business should be the vehicle to allow you to do the things in life that are important.

Why should people use your services or purchase your products?

The significant points that set McGrath Estate Agents apart are the:

  • Market leading innovation and technology that opens up additional opportunities to have your property seen by the most buyers, 24/7 through social media strategy, illuminated signboards, enhanced internet marketing, and a database of currently over 380,000 buyers shared across every office in the network. We are the only group that shares buyer database so if a McGrath agent sells a property for someone in Sydney or Melbourne and they indicate they are looking to move to the Coffs Coast (which is happening a lot) they will enter them in the system and we can match them to properties we currently have listed or coming on locally and give them a call. We are a pro-active team not a “list and wait” for someone to contact us.
  • Another big difference we are hearing through feedback from sellers and buyers is our focus on the “people” side of the process. Selling, buying, investing and leasing can be very emotional times for all concerned and our team never lose sight of the human side of business. It isn’t good enough in 2017 that we are still hearing horror stories about agents not getting back to people, or not providing daily feedback to owners, or not calling after inspections and open homes. Speed is the price of admission in the 2017 cunsumer market and turn-around, and outstanding service must be uncompromised. Our team are passionate about creating raving fans and achieving better results.


Fantastic, thanks for your time!

Stay tuned for the next edition of ETC’s Business Spotlight.

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