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Paul Doherty is a 45 year old Indigenous man who had found it difficult to find employment for a very long time due to living in a remote area.

He lacked confidence and had low self-esteem, but tried to keep positive.

Paul working at the saw mill

ETC provided Paul with some resilience training whilst he participated in Work for the Dole activities to help build his skill set.

With his new found confidence, ETC encouraged Paul to search locally for employment and was able to secure some casual lawn and garden maintenance work in the local village.

A vacancy also opened up at a local sawmill ‘Tomsy’s Timbers’ and ETC promoted Paul for the position – for which he was successful in gaining.

ETC was able to provide the employer with a Wage Subsidy to help contribute towards the initial costs of hiring Paul, as well as assisting Paul with petrol vouchers and a new mobile phone.

Three months later, Paul is loving his new job.

“I couldn’t be happier – I’ve never been treated so well,” he said.

“I’d also like to thank ETC for their excellent service.”

Sue from Tomsy’s Timbers said Paul had made a great addition to their team.

“We have had no problems with Paul, he is a nice fellow, punctual, ready to learn and always does what is asked of him and he makes us laugh,” Mrs Toms said.

“Our involvement with ETC has been great, no faults, awesome service.”

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