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ETC’s Career Transition Assistance (CTA) Program helps mature age job seekers discover their transferrable skills and return to the workforce

After some time out of the workforce, Sandra was becoming disheartened and uncertain about her future employment opportunities.

Her Jobactive provider APM referred her to ETC’s Digital Career Transition Assistance (CTA) Program for training and support.

The CTA Program is designed to help people over 45 build their skills and confidence to become more competitive in the job market.

When starting the Program, Sandra was initially feeling lost and unsure of where or how to find work. This was mainly due to her age and some underlying health conditions, which she felt were barriers to gaining employment.

While discussing her previous work roles with the class, Sandra began to find several examples that demonstrated her transferable skills.

This was just the positive boost she needed to help shift her mindset.

CTA Trainer Gordon said, “Throughout the Program, Sandra’s self-confidence and resilience continued to grow, which was great to see!”

Finding the right mature age job opportunity

Now seeing her own potential, Sandra started searching for Child Care positions, work from home roles, and teaching aide-related work. 

Her positive nature and attitude were recognised by her employment provider who then referred her to a Call Centre position, which suited her perfectly.

She interviewed well, completed the pre-job training, and is now performing very well in her new role.

“The last time we communicated she excitedly told ETC how busy she was, and that she felt if she was 40 years younger this would be the perfect job – when she could keep up! In the next sentence she said, ‘but I’m hanging in there and learning new things every day,’” explained Gordon.

“She concluded by saying thanks to ETC and the CTA Program for giving her confidence back,” he continued.

So, what are the three biggest changes in Sandra since completing CTA?

Gordon said, “1. Improved confidence, 2. Belief in herself, and 3. A growth mindset.”

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