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Scott at work shaking his bosses hand

19-year-old Scott started in ETC’s Transition to Work (TtW) program in November 2018.

He left school 4 years earlier and went to work for a meatworks and an automotive business before finding himself unemployed.

When he initially met with ETC, he advised that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant and that he was going to be a father, but things weren’t good in their relationship and he was feeling quite depressed.

Scott attended appointments with his ETC TtW Youth Advisor, including weekly Job Clubs and workshops. He kept talking to the Youth Advisor about all of his personal problems that were going on. He didn’t have anybody else to talk to and really needed to get things off his chest.

The Youth Advisor recommended Scott see a Psychologist, and although he initially declined, he eventually agreed and that’s when things started to improve for him.

Following this, ETC’s TtW Youth Workshop Facilitator helped Scott create a great Resume during Job Club and the ETC TtW Business Relationship Advisor took him on a couple of job blitz’s in Casino, but unfortunately had no luck in finding any employment for him.

Scott has his Learner driver licence but needed more hours in his logbook to get his P’s. ETC signed him up with ACE’s Driver Education program and now he is working towards gaining his Provisional driver licence.

His roommate works at Henry’s Bakery in Lismore and organised a work trial for Scott. He went to the work trial but realised that he is more suited to working with cars in a workshop. So he dropped in a Resume at Tyre Power in Lismore.

ETC contacted the employer at Tyre Power and they were happy to give Scott a work trial!

Scott has now started working at Lismore Tyre Power as an Apprentice Underbody Automotive Technician and he is very happy. His whole health has improved – mentally and physically.

Scott’s Employer Manager Ronnie Harding calls him a “Diamond in the rough.”

What is Transition to Work?

Transition to Work (TtW) is designed to help you and support you in achieving your employment or education goals. If you are 15-24 and are not sure where you are heading, or need help getting some skills and finding a job, TtW is for you! The program is tailored to your individual needs and features a range of workshops for you to choose from. Learn more about Transition to Work >



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