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Courtney and Suzy at work

ETC helped two young ladies – Suzy Robinson and Courtney Aitken – to find their dream jobs and launch their career in the Pharmacy industry with Blooms the Chemist. You can watch our interview with them here, otherwise there is a breakdown below.

Tell us about your jobs


“I started working here about 2 years ago just at the front counter retail shop. Now I work at the back counter at the pharmacy end – taking in prescriptions and handing people their medicine.

I’m really happy that I got the job here, it’s a good place to work and it’s fun. 

I’ve been doing a Certificate III in Community Pharmacy which I’m almost finished now. It’s nice that I’m working towards being qualified, to progress and do more. It’s a bit full-on at times, but it’s not bad. I’m not going to be stuck in a stagnant no-where job, I’m going to grow. It’s just nicer having something to do with myself all the time. I feel better having done a traineeship and that I’m qualified in something.”


“I’ve also worked my way up. I was working down the front with Suzy in the retail part, then went to the back counter and now I’m in the webster packing room. So that was pretty good.

It’s more motivating to come to work (when you’re doing a traineeship) because you’re working towards something, as opposed to just coming to work for money. There’s an end goal, so it’s a bit more motivating.”

How did ETC help you?


“ETC helped me find where to start looking for a job, because I had no idea where to start. They helped me with how to write my Resume, how to do a job interview, that sort of stuff.

They put me forward for a job here, I had an interview and then I started working here.”


“Before this I was studying but discovered I didn’t want to do what I was studying for, it wasn’t for me. So I went to ETC where Evan and Jo helped me out. 

I had never done a formal interview before, so they helped prepare me for that and to put together a Resume.

Evan put me forward for the job here, I came here for an interview, had a job trial and then I got the job.”

What’s your advice for other job seekers?


“Don’t stop looking and don’t give up. Don’t just accept that you’re going to sit around not doing anything because that won’t get you anywhere. It might take a really long time, but once you’re working – you’re going to be happier and feel like you’ve got more of a life.”


“Just don’t give up and if you can – do a traineeship or a certificate. It’s more motivating – it’s not like a normal job, you’re actually learning and taking everything in.”

Thanks Suzy and Courtney!

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