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Gold Coast based community organisation Boomerang Bags are playing their part to reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill each year.

“About 1 million plastic bags are used every minute throughout the world, contributing to 3.5 million tonnes of waste per year,” Boomerang Bags cofounder Jordyn de Boer said.

“Roughly 50% of these bags are buried in landfill, some are made into durable goods and the remaining is lost in the environment where it ultimately washes out to sea through drains and waterways.”

Mr de Boer said the goal of Boomerang Bags was to reduce the use of plastic bags by engaging local communities to use recycled materials to make a free, fun and sustainable alternative.

“Since 2013 we have engaged with over 500 community volunteers, 8 local schools and a number of community groups including disabled, unemployed jobseekers and a women’s correctional facility,” Mr de Boer said.

“Our team has effectively nurtured the ‘Boomerang Bags’ (BB) concept from an idea through to a successful pilot program in Burleigh Heads. Now we are managing the growth of Boomerang Bags as an initiative in 18 communities Australia-wide.”

Boomerang Bags recently moved into a warehouse in Burleigh Heads and increased its operating hours with the aim to grow its capacity to accommodate more volunteers and community groups.

“From this new warehouse we can run our Training Program which aims to work specifically with unemployed/job seekers and students to develop their skills in a number of areas and provide a platform for them to connect with the wider community in a positive way,” Mr de Boer said.

“We are thankful to the ETC Community Support Fund who provided a grant of $11,740 which enabled us to purchase a whole range of equipment including industrial machines for our new warehouse.”

To find out more about how you can get involved with Boomerang Bags contact 0425 345 066 or visit www.boomerangbags.org

ETC’s Deputy Chair Lorraine Penn said it was a pleasure to be able to support Boomerang Bags.

“The ETC Community Support Fund is designed to help organisations reduce disadvantage, generate opportunity, increase support services and/or build capacity in the communities in which we operate,” Ms Penn said.

“ETC is proud to be a not-for-profit company and we are confident the money we are donating will help make a more positive future for our community.”

ETC provides employment and training services on the Gold Coast. If you need help finding a job, are looking for staff or are interested in up-skilling, contact ETC on 1800 007 400 or visit



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