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Is Youth Jobs PaTH worth it? Insider advice on the PaTH intern program


Recruiting suitable staff is an issue for employers across a number of industries.

Yet finding an employer willing to give them a chance – a foothold into the labour market – is equally a challenge for many of our country’s youth.

To open up opportunities for young people and acknowledge the important role of business to the economy, the Australian Government has introduced PaTH – an innovative approach to boost youth employment.

Youth Jobs PaTH stands for “Prepare – Trial – Hire” and aims to move young people through a series of steps which help them to prepare for and gain employment.

There are financial incentives offered for both businesses and job seekers participating in the PaTH program.  For example, the jobseeker (or intern) receives a top up allowance to their Centrelink payment of $200 per fortnight whilst the business receives an upfront payment of $1000.

Young intern and ETC business advisor

PaTH Intern Iulio Tavete with Stuart Morgan ETC Business Relationship Advisor.

ETC spokesperson for the program, Leeanne Stewart, said that PaTH has been instrumental in getting young people into jobs.  “It has major advantages for employers. They get to see what a young worker can do and how they fit into the team, before deciding whether to offer them ongoing employment” said Mrs Stewart.

“Training a new person comes at considerable financial cost to an employer. The Government recognises this and the employer payment helps to compensate some of these costs through the learning phase”.

ETC staff work closely with the employer to design the internship placement around workplace needs for the length of the placement which can extend from 4 to 12 weeks.  The intern is covered by insurance through the Australian Government throughout their internship.


“We highly recommend the PaTH program as we have seen some great outcomes”, said Mrs Stewart.


At the end of the PaTH Internship, many young people continue on to paid employment with the PaTH employer.

“If for some reason that does not eventuate,” said Mrs Stewart, “The intern has nevertheless gained a new set of skills and is more job ready – so it’s a good outcome all round”.

Mrs Stewart recommends that employers contact their local ETC Office to talk through their needs and program eligibility requirements.  “If PaTH is not the most suitable program for your workplace, ETC is able to consider a range of other options and programs, many of which attract a subsidy,” said Mrs Stewart.

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