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Indigenous job seeker in front of Ayers Rock Campground sign

Learn how our young Indigenous job seeker (Joseph) moved 3,000kms from home to find his passion and is now working as a Landscaper at the Ayers Rock Resort Campground.

Finding himself in an unemployment rut, Joseph had no motivation and was just sitting at home doing nothing.

Joseph was paired with our Aboriginal Employment Advisor Jennie Rosser (Aunty Jen) who supported him and helped find him a job.


Indigenous job opportunities with Voyages Indigenous Traineeship Program

Joseph, a 22-year old Indigenous job seeker from the Mid North Coast wasn’t working and was mainly staying at home not sure what to do.

Like other job seekers, Joseph was looking for work and had some ideas but didn’t know how to go about securing a job where he wanted.

“It’s funny because I was talking to my cousin about how I’d like to work at Uluru. Next thing, Aunty Jen gave me a call and organised for me to attend an information session with Voyages Indigenous Tourism,” said Joseph.

After the information session, Joseph was offered a trial working at the remote Ayers Rock Resort, Yulara and shortly after was placed into the Voyages Indigenous Traineeship Program.

“I started my training and employment at Central Landscaping and then changed over to the Campground,” said Joseph.

“My job involves basic landscaping, cleaning the garden beds, pruning, mowing and aerating the soil.”

Joseph really enjoyed the Traineeship where he obtained a Certificate II in Horticulture.

“I’ve learned a lot of new skills. I also really enjoyed my graduation, it was a great ceremony and I’m very proud of myself. I was the only one from my original group to stay out here,” he said.

“It’s great living and working out here, but I do miss my family. It was a bit of a struggle at first and I felt like going home. I came out here with my girlfriend, so having her support really helped.”

Joseph said he has seen a huge change in his life.

“It’s great now because I can walk into a shop and buy whatever I want. Money is not an issue now.”

So what does the future hold for Joseph?

“I’m hoping to stay here in the Campground for another year or two as I really enjoy this type of job. Then I might look to expand my horizon.”


Joseph shares his advice for other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers:

“I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. But I say, if you have an opportunity then just go for it and give it 100%. It’s worth giving it a try to see if you like it and if not, then try something else.”

Joseph thanked ETC and Aunty Jen for giving him the motivation to change his life.

“ETC gave me a lot of help – they actually flew me here and helped me to enrol into the Indigenous Traineeship Program.”

Joseph officially graduated from the Voyages Indigenous Traineeship Program in June 2018 and this is the speech given by his Team Leader:

“Joseph is very passionate about Horticulture. One of his favourite pastimes was learning about one of his favourite plants – one of which, the Latin name is “sleeperinaloterus”. This plant is prolific throughout the resort and Joseph was determined to get rid of it. I am proud to say that not only did he put up a good battle, but he managed to eradicate the sleeping bug in the process. Joseph has finished his Horticulture certificate with Central Landscaping and is now a full time employee at the Campground. Congratulations Joseph.”

Aunty Jen is extremely proud of Joseph and his success.

“Joseph was a very shy young man from Kempsey but took the opportunity and now stands tall and proud working in his full time role with the Landscaping Team at the Resort,” she said.

Are you Aboriginal and looking for a job, or need more training to increase your employment opportunities or enhance your career?

ETC’s Indigenous Services Team aims to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to find work or improve their current job situation.

ETC’s Indigenous Employment Officers link Aboriginal people with training pathways and employment opportunities and provide practical assistance such as developing a resume or applying for a job. They have strong connections in the local community and will listen and support you to help you achieve your goals.

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How Indigenous Employment Program helps job seeker get work at Ayers Rock Resort



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