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ETC helped Zoe to find a fulfilling job at Mindful Foods working in Dispatch and Packaging….and she’s absolutely loving it!

You can watch our interview with Zoe here or there is a breakdown below.

“It’s awesome working here! It’s like a family, we all work really well together and we uplift each other.

I enjoy the kind of work that I’m doing, learning new things and how to be in the business. We’re all included in the business, which is really nice.

Everything we pack is recyclable – we don’t pack anything with bubble wrap, plastic, stuff like that. At the moment our Bio bags that we use for our Granola’s and Nuts we are actually making compostable to help the environment.

We package so much stuff so it’s really nice to know that the things we’re packaging can go back into the earth or be reused.

I’m thankful to ETC for helping me to get this job. Every day they were sending me vacancies that I could apply for as I was studying and trying to look for work. This one really attracted my attention. So I called ETC, they sent through my Resume and I got a phone call within a week – it was that easy.”

Thanks for sharing your experience Zoe!

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