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Pero Finds His Dream Career After Post-School Dry Spell!

For many young people, the period after finishing high school can be difficult. With a lack of experience and knowledge about the job market, it can be challenging to find employment. This was the case for Pero, a young man from Goodna who faced a post-school dry spell before finally finding his dream career in welding and fabrication.

Finding what you want to do after school is difficult for young Australians at the best of times, but this is especially true for those, like Pero, who completed his schooling during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Pero spent his time bonding with his father and doing various projects around the yard during this time, and his passion for welding and fabrication was found when he welded a spoiler onto his older sister’s car for her 21st birthday.

Get recognised by your support networks, and watch opportunity come to you!

Pero’s talent was recognized by ETC’s Goodna team, and he was quickly referred to our Recruitment Account Manager, Mikayla, who immediately saw his potential and talent. With the help of the Local Jobs Program Wivenhoe and KOMATSU training academy program, Pero was able to kickstart his career.

“I was stoked when I heard about the KOMATSU program, it felt like the opportunity I had been waiting for since coming out of High School,” said Pero.

Pero was excited about the opportunity to join the KOMATSU program and was proud of his hand-welded wrench during his first few weeks in the program. With the help of ETC and KOMATSU, Pero secured a full-time apprenticeship with Apprenticeships QLD at a local engineering and fabrication business.

Mikayla was thrilled with his progress, saying, “I’m so proud of how quickly Pero has gained confidence and was able to excel in his training and employment.” Pero has now exited ETC’s services and is well on his way to achieving his welding dreams.

Pero’s story is a great example of how young people can find success and realise their dreams with the right support and opportunities. It’s essential to recognise and support our youth in their career pursuits, especially in challenging times. With the help of organizations like ETC and training programs like KOMATSU, young people can gain the skills and experience they need to find employment and build their careers.

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