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ETC staff check out the new beginnings boat

There’s a new boat cruising the Gold Coast waterways helping local youth gain skills and knowledge in marine studies.

A $20,000 grant from the ETC Community Support Fund gave New Beginnings the kick-start needed for their Marine Conservation Program – an expansion of their current services providing Youth Camps.

“The core element of our Marine Conservation Program was to have access to a vessel that’s reliable and suitable for the purpose of taking young people out into the environment. ETC helped us to fund our new beautiful boat which we are very grateful for,” said New Beginnings President Ben Brauer.

Targeting local youth age 8 – 14, the Program aims to create an awareness in young people around global warming, marine conservation and pollution in the waterways.

“Plus helping them to understand some of the potential solutions. We would hope that some of those kids would become encouraged to go on to some further study, or even a job in this field,” Mr Brauer said.

Mr Brauer said his Marine Conservation Program had also received support from Sea World Gold Coast and Griffith University.

“Seaworld are very happy to partner with us by sharing their knowledge in this field and for us to use their facilities, which is really fantastic. Sea World Research & Rescue Foundation Inc (SWRRFI) is recognised throughout world-wide for its work in marine conservation.”

“We’re also partnering with Griffith University who has a fantastic Marine Science program and we have Lyn Southerland, a marine documentary producer who’s on board.”

A New Beginnings Youth Camp participant – 12 year old Abu Baker – was recently nominated for a Leadership Award and was included in New Beginning’s very first Marine Conservation Program at Seaworld.

Abu said he now has a better understanding of the environment, animals and how everything is connected.

“I’ve also learned about working in a team with other people, which I believe will make it easier for me to get a job when I’m older,” Abu said.

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Visit the New Beginnings website: https://www.newbeginnings.net.au

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