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Jimi at work

After working 26 years in an administration role, Ballina based Jimi found herself unemployed.

She registered with a local jobactive provider for about eight months before deciding to transfer to Enterprise & Training Company (ETC).

“I didn’t have much success with the previous agency so I requested to be transferred over to ETC in early February,” Jimi said.

“ETC were very proactive and helpful. They immediately enrolled me into a retail course and then two weeks after completing the course I was placed into a job.”

Jimi undertook ETC’s pre-employment Retail skills course which provided theory and practical training over a three week period in partnership with Target Ballina.

“I really enjoyed the course and Kim was a very good trainer. She had a lot of practical advice to give,” Jimi said.

“You can only learn so much from a book, so I found the hands-on part very helpful. I would definitely recommend the course to others.”

Jim had not worked in retail before, however she agreed to undertake the course to open some new opportunities for herself.

“I was prepared to be flexible as I had been unemployed for so long. Even though my new job isn’t in the retail field, I was still able to improve on my skills such as customer experience,” Jimi said.

After being registered with ETC Ballina for just under a month, Jimi had completed the ETC Retail training course, Preparation for Employment training, worked with her Jobs Advisor to update and personalize her resume and was successfully placed in a role working 5 days a week.

“I’d only just finished my training and then got the call from ETC saying they had a position available for me,” Jimi said.

“I am now working full time as a receptionist. My duties include accounts, answering phones and general office administration,” Jimi said.

“This is the type of work that I am used to and I enjoy it. I’m glad to have found a job in a field that I am familiar with.”

Originally, the position for Jimi was part time 25 hours per week, however much to her delight the employer was able to offer her a full time position.

“I am so happy with my decision to transfer over to ETC. It was a very quick turnaround time for me from doing the course and now being successful for this job,” Jimi said.

During her year of unemployment Jimi learned a few lessons.

“I found applying for jobs online just wasn’t working for me – I never received responses from these applications,” Jimi said.

“I found in Ballina that it is very much word-of-mouth and getting yourself out there.”

“I would recommend to other job seekers out there to be flexible. If it means changing to a different industry then do it – if you have those options.”

“Take whatever opportunities your job agency offers to you.”



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