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Louise Hardman

A marine turtle that died after ingesting more than 15 types of plastic in Wooli River, gave local woman Louise Hardman the motivation and determination to do something about ocean debris.

Louise’s current mission is to empower communities to clean up plastic materials from the Pacific Ocean coastlines. So she founded ‘The Pacific Collective’ – a business to produce machines that recycle, remould and repurpose plastic waste.

Partnering with All Metal Fabrications Coffs Harbour to manufacture the machines, Louise has developed a start-up machine ‘kit’ to help communities get started.

The kit includes a shredder, an injector, an extruder, compressor and specialised training with comprehensive instructions.

Louise has already commenced production of the machines which will be fitted to a mobile trailer as an educational demonstration unit, with a number of schools and universities already booking her workshops.

For the last 3 months she has collected all of her own household plastic waste, ready for processing.

Her aim over the next three years is to support the distribution of the machines and training in Australia and throughout the Pacific regions.

Louise also hopes to develop strong partnerships closer to home with organisations such as local councils and waste management companies and has fielded a number of enquiries from interested agencies in NSW.

Pacific Partnerships

Pacific Partnerships is an aspect of her new business which will enable interested groups/individuals to become involved by supporting a community of their choice in the Pacific region. The idea is to provide funds for machines kits which will allow a small community to establish a new enterprises turning waste plastic into valuable resources, such as building, landscape and household materials.

“We are all connected, especially through the Pacific Ocean via the tides and currents, cultures and wildlife,” Louise said.

“Being involved in Pacific Partnerships people can participate and feel empowered by helping not only Australia, but also our neighbouring countries, with the end result a cleaner environment and a better world for all”.

Louise is grateful for the support of many people, including Robyn Simon, Business Advisor with ETC.

Robyn says that Louise has the key ingredient to ensuring her business is a success and that is “determination”.

“Passion is essential but tenacity to see it through to the next level is critical”, Robyn said.

Louise can be contacted via email info@thepacificcollective.com.au or 0412856589.

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