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Determined Dean hasn’t let Asperger’s syndrome hold him back. He just won the Rookie of the Year award at McDonald’s Kempsey!

After being made redundant from his position on the Kempsey Bypass project, due to its completion, Dean registered with Disability Employment Services (DES) provider ETC.

Diagnosed at three years old with Asperger’s syndrome, he also develops a mild tick when he is anxious or nervous.

This has been a big barrier for him when approaching employers and going through the interview process.

ETC’s DES Team Leader Stu, and his team, worked closely with Dean to develop his Resume, self-confidence and interview skills.

“I always have a great experience with ETC! They are very helpful, understanding and instructive on the whole process – especially on how to present myself during an interview. That has always been the tricky bit for me”, said Dean.

Dean was offered an opportunity to attend a group interview with McDonalds Kempsey, and even though he had applied previously without success, he was keen to give it another go.

McDonald’s were first unsure about offering Dean a position, as he didn’t have any industry experience. But after ETC explained that Dean would have ongoing support throughout employment, they decided to give him a go.

McDonald’s manager Ellen said, “He enjoys coming to work and gives 110% effort while he’s here”.

“He’s flexible and is now one of the most reliable workers we have”.

Since commencing with McDonalds, Dean has expressed great excitement being back in the work force.

I was very happy when I got accepted for the position at McDonalds! I was excited to earn money, learn new skills and meet new people. <span class="su-quote-cite">Dean</span>

“The best part about my job is working with a great team and making new friends – and of course serving great food to people.” said Dean.

Dean recently won McDonald’s Rookie of the Month award, and then their Rookie of the Year award.

“He’s come so far, and I can see him working with us for a long time”, said Ellen.

Dean loves going to work, and his next goal is to find his own place to live.

“He is getting rave reviews for his attitude and great work ethic from all of the Managers at McDonald’s. They told me they wanted a ‘second’ Dean!” said Stu.

“Each time he attends the Kempsey office, members of our staff are so happy and proud that Dean is finally working and achieving his goals, it nearly makes them cry.”

Dean’s story is a wonderful example of how ETC’s Disability Employment Services (DES) can find a job that fits you!

Are you looking for work with an injury, illness or disability?

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