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Workforce Australia Career Transition Assistance (CTA) helps older job seeker build skills and confidence to gain employment

61-year-old Liz was initially uncomfortable using computers, sending emails, and struggled with online job applications. She was lacking confidence and felt that her age was a barrier in gaining employment. 

Career Transition Assistance (CTA) is a program aimed to help people over 45 build their skills and confidence to become more competitive in the job market.

“My main concern when starting the course was not really knowing how to use a computer, but our Trainer put my mind at ease very quickly”, said Liz.

What Liz learnt during CTA

Liz noticed that other participants were in the same boat as her – which encouraged them all to share their experiences and support one another throughout.

She soon learned that her age was in fact not a barrier – and that she had a lot to offer employers.

Liz also learnt that employers tend to look for candidates who are the right cultural fit for their team, which increased her confidence in being able to find the right job.

“It was great to see Liz starting to know her worth – she developed the ability to express herself, and now knows the value that she could bring to an employer”, said ETC’s CTA trainer Anneliese Diaz.

Anneliese then assisted Liz to develop two brand new Resumes – one targeted towards customer service work and another targeted to Hospitality.

She also learned how to approach employers and how to conduct herself during interviews.

After finishing the Program

Liz went on to do further studies during the Covid-19 pandemic. She commenced a Certificate IV in Hospitality online and spent the rest of 2020 studying.

On completing her studies, she then started applying for positions online using her new skills and Resumes. To her excitement she received multiple follow up calls, and was invited to attend a face–to-face interview with JW Marriot on the Gold Coast.

Liz used the things that she had learned during CTA and kept a down to earth and honest approach throughout the interview.

She was offered a food services position at the hotel which she promptly accepted!

“I love my job, and the team that I work in. I’m job sharing with another employee, which provides me with the flexibility I need. It’s perfect, I couldn’t be happier!”Liz

ETC and the CTA team were very proud of Liz’s accomplishments.

“Liz’s success was due to the hard work she put in, taking on board the learnings, developing a growth mindset, and putting it all into practice”, said Anneliese.

Career Transition Assistance (CTA) with ETC

Career Transition Assistance (CTA) is an initiative to help mature-aged job seekers (45 and plus) build their skills and confidence to become more competitive in the job market.

At ETC we understand that adults come with real-life experiences. Therefore our focus is to empower individuals to grow and develop through our interactive and supportive career transition services.

The Program includes:

  • Personalised career assistance to help you prepare your resume, job applications and cover letters based on your skills, strengths and experiences
  • Increase your motivation and resilience in looking for work

A focus on digital technology such as smartphones, tablets, apps, social media and computers to help boost your IT knowledge and skills and expand your job prospects

To participate in CTA you must be aged 45 years or over, and be registered with a jobactive provider (you don’t have to be an ETC customer – we accept referrals from other jobactive providers).

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