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By Tim Reid, Small Business BIG Marketing Show

  1. Just do it
    I’m not being funny here. Challenge yourself to drop all the ‘stuff’ that’s stopping you – the limiting beliefs and the excuses and just do it. Look at it like jumping off a cliff, knowing there’s a big, soft landing at the bottom.
  2. Tick small boxes first
    If what you’re not getting around to actioning is huge in your mind, then build up some momentum by rocking off some small jobs first. Get that sense of achievement feeling – it can be the fuel you need to launch in to the big jobs.
  3. Don’t do it
    Again, I’m not being funny. Some things just aren’t meant to be. If whatever task has been on your to do list for way too long, then maybe just delete it and move on. It’ll be a load off your mind and free you up to do move on to other things.
  4. Pay someone
    If you’ve avoided undertaking the task because it involves a number of steps that whilst you could do, don’t light you up, then pay someone who loves doing them. Place a value on your time – figure out what your hourly rate is and find freelancers who charge less.
  5. Find an accountability buddy
    Pair up with someone who’s also been putting off taking action around a particular task. Set goals and deadlines, and maybe even impose fines (like a donation to charity) if you don’t meet them.
  6. Talk to a mate
    Sometimes just talking things through with a friend can unblock whatever’s stopping you from taking action. You may well find your excuses and limiting beliefs sound ridiculous (almost embarrassing) as you speak them.
  7. Lose the whole perfection thing
    If you’re waiting for something to be perfect, then get over it. Nothing in this world is perfect. Focus on production, not perfection. Getting closer to perfection will come as you become more productive. You’ll naturally want to improve as you start to see results.

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