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It’s been our experience that even successful, well-established businesses can use a little help and professional business guidance along the way and benefit from having a regular business health check.

Matt Hempsell from One Health Osteopathy is a qualified Osteopath who set up his own business in Port Macquarie three years ago after practicing for several years in the UK.

“I thought it was too late to seek business advice but after seeing Marilyn at ETC I found it was such a good help,” Matt said.

“In a lot of areas it helped reconfirm that I was doing the right thing and heading on the right track, which is always good to know.”

Marilyn and Matt have had several one-on-one business consultations looking at budget projections, internal processes, client database management and expansion plans.

Matt said he has also taken advantage of meeting with ETC’s Digital Business Consultant Matthew Angel to gain some insight on social media trends and website enhancements.

“The advice I have been given from both Matthew and Marilyn has helped me plan, program and move forward with the business rather than just stay stagnant which is fantastic,” he said.

The benefit of having a business health check is that someone independent and detached from your business can give you an objective and qualified assessment of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

A business health check looks at different aspects of the business such as business direction, customers and competitors, profitability, people, business culture, future needs and business risks.

And here are some final tips from Matt Hempsell to help keep your mind and body in good health so you can keep operating your business at its full potential.

  1. Keep moving, but move within your limits
  2. Seek professional help for any ailments you may have
  3. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and drink plenty of water

For further information about Osteopathy in Port Macquarie, contact Matt Hempsell on 6584 5343 or visit www.onehealthclinic.com.au

If you are looking for advice to start or grow your existing business, or if you are interested in a business health check, contact ETC in Port Macquarie on 6584 2810.



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