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By Mike Ford, EndnMind – HR Watch

Despite extraordinary advances in technology, business success is still driven by people. Which is why organisations that can afford it, hire Human Resources (HR) professionals.

So what do these organisations get for their money?

Hopefully they get a systemised approach to staff management that produces a high performing organisation.

In my view this is done through the following four Key Result Areas:

  1. Effective Recruitment Processes: Just like a high performing sporting organisation or elite military unit – you need to hire staff capable of high performance before you can develop such performance.
  2. Organisational Design (OD) for High Performance: Such as tailored job design, well-managed workflows, compliance, progressive policies and procedures, a safe working environment, highly effective communication systems and innovative reward practices.
  3. Focussed Staff Development: This involves training, mentoring, multi skilling and general development based on a sound Return on Investment principle. Supported by a performance development program that incorporates meeting company goals and high performance measures.
  4. A Continuous Improvement Culture: This can involve formal systems like LEAN or ISO 9000 etc. However simply having a genuine culture of care and ongoing practices that involve continuous improvement is plenty and is more than most organisations do.

I can hear it now, “well Mike thanks for telling me this, I still cannot afford it and my business is too small to need all this!”

Well, here’s my response. Business success is dependent on performance and this applies to all businesses.

Interestingly enough technology has promoted the growth of professional HR practice. By using an online HR service you pay a fraction of the costs in comparison to retaining an HR employee and get all the HR services that you want, when you want it.

I have found that you can never have enough advice and this is particularly true in starting a business. I approached ETC to assist me in starting my business. Despite many years working at a senior management level, there is no way that I could have replicated the excellent advice given to me by Fiona Barden at ETC.

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