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Are you 45 or over? Want to learn new skills and increase your job prospects?

Workforce Australia – Career Transition Assistance (CTA) delivered by ETC is a program to assist mature aged job seekers build their skills and confidence to be competitive in today’s job market

ETC understands that adults come with real-life experiences and the benefits of transferable skills. Our focus is to empower you to grow and develop through our interactive and supportive program.

During ETC’s CTA Program you will:

  • Be respected for your experience and the strengths and abilities you have
  • Build confidence
  • Receive personalised career assistance and guidance
  • Increase your digital skills
  • Develop a pathway to achieve your employment and/or career goals
  • Increase your motivation and resilience in looking for work
  • Develop connections and networks
  • Learn how to stand out from others when applying for positions

The CTA training program features flexible delivery methods such as face-to-face delivery in small groups, or online delivery via Microsoft Teams.

ETC’s CTA course covers:

  • Developing goals and motivation to be competitive in today’s job market
  • Understanding the local job market and identifying suitable and realistic opportunities
  • Explore and translate strengths and transferable skills
  • Improve and tailor résumés and job applications
  • Navigate the job application process including job search apps
  • Practise and enhance interview skills and job readiness
  • Opportunities to explore different industries
  • Functional digital literacy including myGov accounts and mutual obligation requirements
  • Opportunity to utilise information technology and media devices and equipment, including internet connectivity, desktop computers and wireless portable computer devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • Preparation of a Career Pathway Plan to guide future employment steps
  • Access to ongoing support

Am I eligible for CTA?

To participate in CTA you must be aged 45 years or over, and be registered with either a Workforce Australia or Disability Employment Services provider.

If you are an existing ETC customer – speak to your Jobs Advisor. We also accept enrolments from outside employment service provider customers – so speak to your provider if you’re interested in joining the Career Transition Assistance program!

Why train with ETC?

ETC has been helping people find work and upskill for over 30 years! Our vision is to have a positive impact on people’s lives and our mission is to empower our customers through personalised services. Find out more about ETC.

ETC currently provides Career Transition Assistance (CTA) along the East Coast of Australia from the NSW Hunter region all the way up to Caboolture Queensland, as well as inland New South Wales around the New England North West region. You can find a list of our addresses and contact information on our Locations Page.

If you live outside of these locations, then you will need to contact another provider for this program. You can find a list of providers on the find a provider page.

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Client Testimonials

  • Christine, CTA customer

    “The CTA course was invaluable and resulted in me gaining three interviews and securing two jobs locally. I learnt how to identify my transferable skills to help sell myself to an employer, addressing selection criteria, preparing for interviews, identifying my strengths and weaknesses. The networking was also really good – in fact, I met my new employers mum through this. 

    Given the situation I was in (moving to a new area during the pandemic), I feel really lucky to have found employment during this time. I’d like to thank the team at ETC and the CTA Program for helping me to become confident and have some clarity on what I could achieve.”

  • Mark, CTA Customer

    “I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work. You are one of the best trainers I have experienced in over 20 years, your delivery is exceptional, your discussion points are so spot on. My mindset wasn’t in the right place but is now much improved and it is only 3 weeks. I look forward to the remaining weeks. I understand the course is designed but your manner in delivering the information is exceptional. You have made me reflect, learn and improve my thinking which I needed. Again thank you.”

  • Phil, Port Macquarie

    “I thoroughly recommend everyone who is unemployed and looking for work to do ETC’s CTA course, Career Transition Assistance. There was a variety of things to do, the trainers are friendly and professional. Sometimes we played games and had a few laughs. The class consisted of good people and I made friends with a few. New students started every week and it went for eight weeks. I improved on my computer and mobile phone skills. I completed the workbooks at my own pace and we learnt more about our myGov account. If I wasn’t working now I would like to see more of the people I met.”

  • Daimien, Port Macquarie

    “The CTA program is an informative program that assists you in learning new skills or upgrading your current skills to help in the search for employment, it has a sociable and friendly atmosphere to be able to do this without any pressure and is spaced out over time so that it is not overwhelming atmosphere to learn these skills.”

  • Julie, Port Macquarie

    “I have gained knowledge in setting up a good resume, cover letter, elevator letter, have learned about job expectations and confidence building and loved the social aspects of meeting new and interesting people.”

  • Dave, Port Macquarie

    “This course has been so good for me personally. Before this course I wasn’t comfortable with computers at all. I’m still not great but I can do what I have to do on them now. The teachers are great they treat you as a person not a robot. It’s been a positive experience.”

  • Valerie, Coomera

    “The first thing that I found important about the course was that although there was a set format there was also the opportunity for each participant to progress at their own pace and the opportunity to request where we all needed additional help. It was very important for me to get out of the rut I was in, join in with other people going through the same things I was going through, mix and mingle socially as well as in a class room environment. The assistance from the Trainer being both professional and personal, showing empathy, patience and consideration to all participants”.

  • Jo, Coomera

    “3 things I enjoyed most about the course included the course content; all of it has helped me to move forward. The casual yet focused environment you created made for a pleasurable experience. I enjoyed being with the team; they are all people like me, and I felt part of the group. Thanks again for being so real”.

  • John, Coomera

    “The main things I gained and enjoyed during this course was the improvement and knowledge I gained in computer skills, the interaction with classmates and watching everybody improve together, and the dedication and most importantly the patience of the trainer.”

  • Leanne, Coomera

    “Thank you for everything you have done in this course for me. The two things that stand out for me in this course is that I have learnt to stop doubting myself and the course has given me the courage to go in a different direction in life and make my dreams come true. You have such a good and patient teacher, I am going to miss them and everyone in this class”.

  • Jo-Ellen, Coomera

    “Thank you on spending time and making us all grow into our lives, your approachable teaching method really did help me strive and to put into action some goals for myself for the future.

  • Juliana, Coomera

    “The things I enjoyed most about the course was Meeting new people and yourself, and learning that I can take on a lot more information than I had ever anticipated. I also enjoyed helping out with feeding the firefighters – this was a great highlight”.

  • Sharon, Coomera

    “My most favourite things about doing the ETC computer course was meeting new people and all the wonderful things we did like cooking the meals for the firefighters and getting our new hairstyles. I was very happy to learn about computer work as I did not know how to turn one on and I have a lot more confidence at how to look for employment”.

  • Nga Makianu, Southport

    “Well, what can I say, it has been an honour to be one of the CTA participants.  I really enjoyed it, it helped me a lot with my resume and finding things online like looking for work.  The trainer was awesome, I learnt a lot, and I hope the program goes a long way.”



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