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Don’t give up and keep an open mind is the message from two recently successful job seekers.

Zana Miroc and David Layton are thrilled to have successfully been signed up for traffic control positions on the Gold Coast.  Both were job seekers with ETC and are very excited to have scored full time jobs in the workforce.

Zana Miroc and David Layton with Alec Palupe


Zana emigrated from Bosnia and initially had her heart set on obtaining an apprenticeship in Australia.  However she found such opportunities were rare, in particular for adults, and while she understands this, she feels it is less easy for someone from overseas to break into the job market here.

Zana credits her business advisor, Alec Palupe, for all the support he has shown, for his patience and tenacity even helping her with her application process.

Loving the Australian outdoor lifestyle made her a good fit for the opportunity presented by Traffic Control Australia. “I am very excited about starting,” said Zana. “I love the weather here – it is absolutely beautiful”.

David Layton on the other hand was previously a manager in an indoor furniture store.

Becoming a traffic controller is a complete change of career for him. He worked closely with his local job advisors to identify his unique skills and talents in order to consider his potential for job vacancies.

He is relishing the new start in traffic control.  “I could be covering anywhere from Lismore to Byron Bay, Tweed Heads to Southport, so I know the role will be varied and interesting”, said David.

“I cannot recommend ETC highly enough,” said David. “They treat you not as a number, but as a person.  I am extremely grateful for their help in finding employment”.  David encourages others to always: “Keep an open mind.  I’m stoked with the way this has turned out for me”.

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