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Many of us work in changing competitive environments. If we don’t keep up with the world today, we can miss key opportunities and can be caught unaware. That’s why, for some of us, it’s important to keep-in-touch with news and trends in our industries.

It seems that every day there is a new phone, new computer, or an update to software. How do you keep your business fresh? You can’t if you don’t know what’s new, what no longer exists, or what’s coming up.

How do you and your business keep current? It takes effort of course—that part is unavoidable—but there are several tools and resources you can take advantage of to get as much current information with minimal effort.

You need to identify the best sources to use. Traditional sources include finding a mentor, trade organisations, trade shows, conferences, networking, blogs Twitter, LinkedIn, and Forums.

There are also a number of Government websites that have tools and resources available such as:

  • Business.gov.au – grants and assistance finder tool, templates, latest business news and features, latest events, skills and training
  • Trade.nsw.gov.au – innovation and research, economic and business climate, industry sectors
  • Smallbusiness.nsw.gov.au – success stories, Small Biz toolkit

Read all you can about your industry, your market and the world in general. Observe your competition by visiting their locations and websites; follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Look at other companies, not just within Australia but worldwide. What new initiatives, products or services are they launching? Are they targeting new markets or expanding to new regions?

It can be hard for small businesses to find the time to research and implement changes so they can remain current, relevant and fresh. Working with your local Small Biz Connect advisor you can access specialised tools that can make this process quicker and easier to understand.

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