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Andrew found his independence after meeting with ETC

Living with Autism and Anxiety, Andrew has been struggling to find his confidence and independence. Andrew relies heavily on his mother to overcome daily challenges and being unable to drive, she is often his only means of transport.

Only recently opening in the Ipswich area, Enterprise & Training Company (ETC), has been working with Andrew to overcome his barriers. In particular, Andrew’s Recruitment Advisor, Giovanni (Gio) took a shine to Andrew and wanted to work closely with him in achieving his goals.

Over the coming weeks, Andrew and Gio would work together and completely change Andrew’s outlook on life!

It all starts with a dream

When Andrew first started his appointments with ETC he was shy and struggled to open up about his ambitions. But after a few sessions with the team, he started to let his barriers down and open up.

“I would like to volunteer with animals in my free time, but I really want to work and earn a living in Construction,” said Andrew.

After hearing this, Gio and the team began the process of getting Andrew enrolled into a Certificate I in Construction, which would give him on-site training and the opportunity to earn while he learns – the first step in giving him the independence he is after.

Embracing change

“I’ve been regularly speaking to Andrew during his onboarding stages, and he has gained so much confidence. From not being able to speak to employers to now calling and making his own appointments – it’s so inspiring,” said Gio.

Andrew’s life changed in a matter of weeks. His is such an inspiring story that shows that no matter the barriers, anyone can overcome and begin the journey of chasing their dreams, it just takes that first step!

 “He has literally turned around and set himself up for a bright future within a matter of weeks; I’m so proud,” said Gio.

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