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Miranda Kerr got one for Christmas, Miss Teen America was given one in her kit and numerous women from professional surfers to water skiers, fitness gurus to international high profile runway models are discovering the delights of always being prepared for a swim.

We are talking about the “Emergency Bikini System” – a quality bikini that folds up into a small 10cmx8cm soft canvas pack with a key ring allowing you to clip it in or on to your bag.  The bikini is made from hard wearing material, takes up little room in your bag, is always on hand for emergencies and is able to be transported across the world either in your hand luggage or checked in baggage. The Emergency Bikini System is not only comfortable, but it is also affordable.

Complementing their active beachside lifestyle, Coffs locals Brendan and Michelle Ray saw a gap in the market for a bikini that is readily available at the drop of a hat. They have commenced promoting the product across the globe and the Emergency Bikini System is now proving a hit in America, with a number of outlets expressing interest in stocking the product.

With the help of Australian based Brand Ambassadors Casey Fortuna and Gemma Hutchinson, the Emergency Bikini System has amassed thousands of followers across the world through Facebook and Instagram.

Brendan and Michelle are thrilled with the reaction of customers to the product.

“The Emergency Bikini System has met with an amazing response from the market which is very encouraging. We want it to be seen as an iconic Australian product as it is very much about the Australian lifestyle,” Brendan said.

Globally the Emergency Bikini System is gaining traction. Popular American magazine “Inspiring Teens” recently reviewed the product and gave it a glowing report.  Momentum is growing across Australia and the world, Brendan and Michelle are hoping that this interest will also be matched locally with leisure wear retailers stocking the product as well.

Brendan’s Top Business Tips

  1. Talk to everyone about your business. You will be amazed by how many people have great advice and amazing connections.
  2. Don’t over capitalise. Start small and grow your business. Don’t try to become an overnight success.
  3. Product presentation is everything. Always use great images and logos on your webpages and displays.
  4. Make sure you register all trademarks and patents before going to market.
  5. Use social media for brand recognition, development and marketing. But don’t rely on it for sales.
  6. Know your target market and research the people who are in it.
  7. Talk to ETC! They have been fantastic. A great source of information, help and inspiration.

ETC Business Mentor Robyn Simon says that Brendan and Michelle understand their customers and have created the perfect solution.

“While this product is ideal for the Australian market, it has enormous potential be a huge hit on the global scene, especially in the States.  Travellers in particular will welcome the product as it is compact, transportable and a little funky,” Robyn said.

The Emergency Bikini System can be purchased on line at www.EBSpro.com.au  Enquiries can be directed to info@EBSpro.com.au

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