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Some of us spend our entire lives searching for that perfect job where the reward of job satisfaction is more important than remuneration.

For 53-year-old Lee Lavelle, his search ended in November last year when he was appointed the vineyard manager at Raleigh Winery.

“I love it here, this job fits me like a hand in a glove,” Mr Lavelle said.

 “I worked with ETC’s Encore Property Services for about six months before here and it helped get me on my feet after being out of work for a little while.

“Getting back into the workforce made me feel better about myself and as I got fitter my self-confidence grew.

“ETC then steered me into this job at Raleigh Winery and I haven’t looked back since.”

Lee is responsible for the maintenance of the vineyard and the surrounding property at Raleigh Winery, which includes everything from mowing, pruning, spraying, and harvesting the grapes.

“In the past I used to work just for the money, but now I want to be at work as often as I can. I find it very satisfying to work here and I want to make Raleigh Winery the best in the State,” Mr Lavelle said.

Lee’s employer Lavinia (Vinnie) Dingle is amazed by his work ethic and attitude.

“Lee’s adapted extremely well. There’s a lot of pressure on him but he’s coping very well with it,” Ms Dingle said

“He’s obviously very self-motivated and wants to make a success of his job and that’s exactly what he is doing.”

So what’s Lee’s advice to other people that may be out of work or still on the pathway to finding the perfect job?

“Good things happen when you have respect for yourself, your job and your employer,” he said.

“Regardless of how bad you think it is, whether you think you are unemployable because of your age or your lack of experience, it all comes down to having a positive attitude. If you believe you can do something, you can!”

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