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Want to start your own business in Newcastle, but aren’t sure where to begin? Check out these top tips from ETC’s Hunter Business Trainer, Julian!

ETC Business Trainer, Julian Campbell (based in the Hunter region of NSW), is passionate about helping business owners start and grow their businesses. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as a strong understanding of the local business ecosystem, Julian has helped business owners across the region for over 30 years.

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4 tips for business:

1. How can entrepreneurs gain inspiration and knowledge to grow their business?

Successful people keep up their education. Learning does not stop when we leave school, it should be a lifelong habit. To gain inspiration and knowledge get those eBooks or go to seminars, listen to motivating online presentations or watch some Ted talks. Success and inspiration comes from people who have experienced it.

2. What’s your number 1 tip for small business success?

The best advice I received 25 years ago was to break a comfort zone every day.

We all become comfortable doing the same old things in our business day to day, treading the same old path, never trying anything new. By coming out of our comfort zone and doing those new scary things such as making those cold calls, phoning prospective clients or following up on money owed to you – your business opportunities will expand.

3. How can small business owners manage work/life balance?

Many people running their own small business find there is never enough hours in the day. As a result, they take so much of their work home those evenings, weekends and even holidays seem to vanish under a pile of paperwork. The answer is to schedule “Play Time” in your weekly schedule and stick to it. As a result, your work will be performed quicker and more effectively because you will be refreshed, clear-headed and inspired.

4. If someone had an idea for a business, but was too scared to pursue it, what would your advice be for them?

Under Workforce Australia – Self-Employment Assistance, delivered by ETC, you will go through the Business Planning Process which will clearly show you the actions you can take and the results that you can achieve from the actions. This will change your thinking process to believe in yourself and your ideas. The Law of Attraction clearly shows that you attract what you think about.

Julian’s Q&A

In this informative Q&A, learn about Julian’s business background and experience, as well as how he helps participants through Self-Employment Assistance

How long have you lived in the Hunter region? Tell us about your background here.

I moved to Newcastle in 1991 after being retrenched from a Managerial position in Melbourne. I was a participant on the first Newcastle NEIS Program course and went on to become a Trainer on the program and subsequently General Manager of The Newcastle Business Centre.

In my 31 years in the Hunter, I have built a strong reputation through 20 years hosting a Business Show on a local radio station, holding the position of CEO with a major Law Firm, Director with the Lake Macquarie Business Enterprise Centre and Business Development Manager with a local accounting firm. This led me to presenting regularly to business groups; and my legendary use of the Emperor Penguin in relation to business is still talked about after 25 years.

Although not a member of the Lions Club organisation, in November 2014 I was awarded The Melvin Jones Fellowship by Lions Clubs International Foundation – this is recognition of humanitarian work and is used to recognise outstanding Lions or members of the public. This was for training work I did with their Youth Leaders Training Program.

What is your experience working in the business world?

After serving as a Squadron Leader in the RAAF, I have held various senior managerial, marketing and engineering appointments. With over 40 years of practical experience as a senior executive, business owner, business builder and consultant across dozens of industries, I have been instrumental in building up numerous organisations, and businesses through planned growth, organisational and culture changes; transforming the lives and businesses of a multitude of people through my ability to foster change through my caring attitude, vision focus and bottom-line realism.
I have authored three business books and I am constantly involved in judging local business awards.

Why did you choose a career path to become a Business Trainer?

I think it chose me! Since completing the NEIS Program (which is now Self-Employment Assistance) 31 years ago, I have continued to be actively involved in the program as a Trainer and Advisor, even with my moves into other business activities.
I am passionate about helping people establish their ideas by turning their skills and experience into successful, viable small businesses.

What is the best part about your role as a Business Trainer?

The best part is seeing people become excited and motivated to achieve their full potential with a little guidance.

Tell us about Self-Employment Assistance and why it’s such a great program.

Going into a small business is very challenging at any time and the current economic uncertainty has made it even more challenging. However, setting up a business in the right way and following tried and tested principles can help to improve the potential opportunities.
The Self-Employment Assistance program has over 30 years of exceptional results when it was formally known as the NEIS program, and the recent additions and name change make it even more exciting. Running a successful small business is not rocket science, a lot of it is common sense. However, there are certain principles that must be followed, and guiding people through the Business Planning process is a step-by-step way to guide them to success. A lot of people just do not know where to start and the program in its various forms can provide that for them.

Self-Employment Assistance

ETC has been helping people start their own business for more than 30 years and our passionate staff, like Julian, enjoy supporting entrepreneurs in their journey to self-employment. Our focus is to support and develop your vision, turning it into a viable and thriving small business.

The service you can expect to receive from ETC:

  • Support and guidance from Business Trainers/Advisors who have both formal qualifications and experience in running successful businesses.
  • Our Trainers/Advisors have local knowledge, empathy and understanding of the ups and downs associated with starting your own business.
  • We care about your success and will support you through each step of the program
  • We offer small group settings with flexible delivery models available

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