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It’s been a long road to employment for Macksville’s Caine Rosser who had been out of work for most of the past 18 years.

Apart from starting an apprenticeship which was unfortunately cut short after the first year, Caine has worked in a voluntary capacity as a Site Officer for Unkya Local Aboriginal Land Council for the past 10 years.

“I enjoyed working as an Apprentice and working with six other Indigenous Apprentices from the Nambucca Valley and was devastated when the Apprenticeship ended,” Mr Rosser said.

It wasn’t until Caine accessed the New Careers for Aboriginal People (NCAP) program in early 2013, delivered on the North Coast by Enterprise & Training Company (ETC) that the prospect of paid employment started to look more promising.

Through the NCAP program, Caine undertook a chemical training certificate and chainsaw training in order to improve his employability and was put forward by the NCAP Officer for suitable employment vacancies.

Finally in May 2013 Caine was offered the opportunity to join National Parks and Wildlife Service (NP&WS) as a Field Officer.

“I could be out in the bush or on the beach looking after our country, where we came from, and that’s what I love most about it,” Mr Rosser said.

“Every day is different and this is what I love doing.”

Caine’s mother Jennie Rosser commented on the changes she had seen in her son since securing paid work.

“Caine has grown in self-esteem, confidence and self-worth. He now has pride in himself to be the sole bread winner for his family and loves earning his own money rather than living off Centrelink benefits,” Ms Rosser said.

So what’s Caine’s advice to other Indigenous people in our local area seeking employment?

“I would definitely recommend the NCAP program,” Mr Rosser said.

“Have a really good think about what you want to do first and then head that way. NCAP can help you with the training and getting a job. Just go for it!”

For further information about employment and training programs, including NCAP, contact your nearest ETC office.



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