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As a small business owner it’s essential that people know about you and your brand. Quite simply, the more people you reach the more sales you’ll make.

However, it’s important that you get your marketing strategy right and don’t blow your whole budget in one area. You need to make sure your marketing reaches a wide yet targeted audience.

Also keep in mind that innovative methods are always the best because they help your business stand out from the crowd.

Here are some ways to market your business on a shoestring budget.

1. Write a media release

Send out a media release detailing your business proposition and what makes it unique. Target all relevant newspapers, websites, magazines and radio. Do this even if you think your product isn’t the most exciting. It could be a slow news day and you might be exactly what they’re looking for.

2. Use Facebook

Set up a Facebook page for your business. Upload photos of your products and update your status to let customers know what you’re up to. It’s another way of letting people know you exist and makes you look professional.

3. Start a blog

This is a fast way to keep your website relevant. It could also encourage people to spend longer on your website and will encourage repeat visitors. You should style yourself as an expert on your particular field or industry. It’s the perfect way to enforce brand messages and engage with customers. If people read and like your posts, they’ll respect your brand even more.

4. Email marketing

Email lets you communicate with thousands of customers or potential customers at the touch of a button. Encourage customers to fill in a form with their email address on it whenever they buy from you and have a ‘Sign up for more information’ field on your ‘Contact us’ page on your website. This will help you build a list of email addresses to contact whenever you have a new product or offer.

5. Convert your customers into promoters

Potential customers are a million times more likely to use your business if its been recommended by a friend. So why not turn your customers into brand ambassadors? Give them a discount on products if someone they recommended buys something from you. That way they’ll be singing your praises and getting you more customers in the process.

6. Get happy customers to tell you

Encourage customers to write a short email or letter about the positive experience they had when using your business. Put these testimonials on your website and maybe frame some exceptional ones in your shop/office.

7. Run a competition

Give something away and get people talking about your business.

8. Try and win an award

Entering for an industry award can be easy. For some, all you need to do is write an application. If you’re successful, local press may be interested in speaking to you and it’s another accolade to put on your website or business card. It also gives customers confidence in your business.

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