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There’s much more to marketing than just advertising and promoting your business.

Marketing is also about identifying and understanding your customer and giving them what they want.

Who is your ideal customer? Where are they located and how do they access what you are offering?

Another key to marketing is to identify what you do differently to your competitors and understanding the value that this difference provides to your customers.

On Tuesday 1 October from 5.30pm ETC will be running a one-page marketing plan short course to help local small businesses with their marketing strategies.

The beauty of having a one-page marketing plan is that it can be prepared quickly and it acts as a marketing to-do list that keeps you from reacting at the last minute.

It will also pave the way to a more comprehensive marketing plan and helps keep your basic goals on track for success.

Small Biz Connect client Lorraine Chowdury, who is about to open a new business Red Lipstick creations in the Coffs Harbour CBD has attended ETC’s one-page business plan and one-page marketing plan workshops.

“I’ve run a few different businesses in my life but I still got a lot out of ETC’s workshops,” Ms Chowdury said.

“I found the one-page marketing plan workshop amazing. I learnt things that I hadn’t even considered, particularly how to maximise your sales.”

A good one page marketing plan should include: a description of your product offering; identification of your target market including a description of your ideal customer; a competitor analysis; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis; and your unique selling proposition (USP).

For further information and/or to book into the one-page marketing plan short course visit http://www.etcltd.com.au//shortcourses  or contact Natasha Swansborough at ETC on 6648 5435.



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