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Food trucks have been a growing phenomenon in Australia over the past decade. This is not a completely new trend as consumers have been getting their food from mobile carts across the world for over 200 years. However today’s vans come with high tech fit outs, require a raft of certificates and permits and their food is sought after by urban consumers seeking taste and variety.

The latest food truck to join the Coffs Coast circuit is “Smokehouse Tucker”. Owner Lori Broekman and her partner Chris Brown (known to many locals as “Brownie) saw the potential of the local market and have spent the past six months researching and preparing their food van to offer an array of specialist treats.

Lori comes from a family of Dutch origin where she learnt the joys of preparing and cooking food to bring out its true flavour. Her son Christopher will join her in the family owned business.

Lori’s food truck will offer a range of foods, from the traditional through to the gourmet. Her specialty is “smoked to the bone ribs and brisket”.  Lori takes great care to source all her meats, produce and dressings from reputable local suppliers. Everything is prepared to high standards and those that have been lucky to have a preview, describe her food as “utterly delicious, unbelievably mouth-watering”.

As well as her specialist home grown recipes, Lori will be dishing up gourmet burgers, grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches, egg and bacon rolls and hash browns.  Plus a range of delicious desserts, drinks and ice-creams.

Look out for Lori’s van which will be stationed daily from 6am at Brelsford Park Coffs Harbour (near the skate park) starting Monday 5th December.

Lori works closely with her Business Advisor, ETC’s Robyn Simon, who she credits with helping her maintain momentum and not lose focus.

Lori’s top five tips for all new business start-ups:

  1. Don’t give up – your determination will help you succeed
  2. Do your research – check what opportunity exists in the local market
  3. Continue to finesse your plans until they come to fruition
  4. Be flexible and adaptable
  5. Take on a mentor – someone to help you remain focused, and someone to bounce ideas off – a sounding board.

Lori is happy to answer any enquiries. Please phone her mobile 0423 886 586.

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