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Pictures of the different clients being interviewed

ETC’s Indigenous Services Team aims to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to find work or improve their current job situation.

We interviewed some of our participants to hear about their experience with ETC.

You can watch the video interview here, otherwise there is a break down below.

  • “Everyone is so nice and helpful at ETC. Doesn’t matter who you are, you can go in there and they’ll be helpful. They’ll look at what you have or haven’t done and make suggestions of things you should try based on who you are and what you want to do” – Chatesha
  • “I went through ETC and they gave me a lot of help. They actually flew me out here (to Ayers Rock Resort) and paid for most of my stuff. It’s actually a coincidence because I was talking to my cousin about coming out here. The next day, ETC rings me up and asks if I want to go into an Indigenous Traineeship Program. So I went in the next day and here I am now a year later” – Joseph
  • “I do recommend ETC because they will get you into a full time job, as long as you go through the processes with your local employment service provider. They will help you go through the steps, whether it’s your resume, your application or training. They’re always available to help you for that support net” – Debra
  • “She’s done a lot for us (Aunty Jen) especially from a small community, she’s helped us a lot. She puts her best in for young Indigenous Australians. That’s what I eventually want to do myself. She’s like an idol and I really look up to her” – Kieran
  • “The opportunity came to me, I wasn’t really looking for it. ETC pulled me up and asked if I’d like to go out west for a week to experience life at Uluru in Yulara. I was a bit hesitant because it was such a long journey and I’d never been this far west. But I took the leap, I came out here and have never regretted it. Thanks to Jennie and the crew at ETC I’ve actually found new skills, new direction and more opportunities than I can poke a stick at. I’d like to say thank you to ETC for showing me this was an opportunity that I could take and giving me the assistance to get here” – Tony

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